American girl Names Starting With Letter J

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Jace Girl American Moon-var. of jacey
2 Jacey Girl American From the initials j.c.
3 Jacie Girl American Variation of jace
4 Jalen Girl American Bird of light
5 Jalene Girl American From james and lenore
6 Jalia Girl American Noble
7 Jam Girl American A sweet condiment
8 Janeeva Girl American Juniper berry
9 Janelle Girl American God is gracious
10 Janina Girl American Female form of jane
11 Janine Girl American Derived from jane
12 January Girl American Born in january
13 Jariah Girl American Tributary lord
14 Jaunie Girl American Brave and kind
15 Jazlynn Girl American From jasmine & lynn
16 Jeana Girl American Garden
17 Jenaya Girl American Trendy and hip
18 Jeneil Girl American Champion wave
19 Jeneva Girl American White wave
20 Jenibelle Girl American Beautiful and bright
21 Jenn Girl American Nickname for jennifer
22 Jennica Girl American Combination of jennifer and jessica
23 Jennis Girl American Wild wave
24 Jera Girl American Holy
25 Jerica Girl American Strong, a gifted ruler
26 Jerrica Girl American Honorable one who rules by the spear
27 Jesimae Girl American Wealthy and bitter
28 Jeslyn Girl American Blessed with wealth and beauty
29 Jodi Girl American From johanna
30 Jorjanna Girl American Lovable country child
31 Jorryn Girl American The one god loves
32 Jory Girl American Descending
33 Josie Girl American God will add
34 Joylyn Girl American Joyful one
35 Justice Girl American Fairness
36 Justis Girl American Fair minded
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