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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Dal Boy Sikh Team/force/soldier
2 Sant Boy Sikh Saint
3 Atal Boy Sikh Firm
4 Hans Boy Sikh Swan
5 Ajai Boy Sikh Victory/conqueror
6 Bolan Boy Sikh God's spoken word
7 Jay Boy Sikh If, even, who
8 Bal Boy Sikh Mighty
9 Aseem Boy Sikh Limitless, infinite
10 Rana Boy Sikh King of battle field
11 Raj Boy Sikh Kingdom, monarch
12 Mohan Boy Sikh Beauteous, attractive
13 Bawa Boy Sikh Father, grandfather
14 Zail Boy Sikh Scope
15 Gopal Boy Sikh Lord, protector
16 Attar Boy Sikh Perfume
17 Hukam Boy Sikh (gods) command, authority, direction
18 Boota Boy Sikh Green; sapling; plant
19 Anhad Boy Sikh Na
20 Jai Boy Sikh Victory
21 Sewa Boy Sikh Absorbed in service and simran
22 Jag Boy Sikh The creation, world
23 Budhh Boy Sikh Intellect, intelligence
24 Kul Boy Sikh Family, pedigree, relative
25 Ranga Boy Sikh One who is colored in naam
26 Anokh Boy Sikh Extraordinary and wondrous
27 Kiv Boy Sikh How
28 Aman Boy Sikh Peace, peaceful
29 Karaj Boy Sikh Loan
30 Aakar Boy Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize
31 Lalit Boy Sikh Fine
32 Dhian Boy Sikh Contemplation, absorbed in contemplation
33 Mita Boy Sikh Friend
34 Teja Boy Sikh Fast/speedy/sharp
35 Ujjal Boy Sikh Bright, clean, holy
36 Tejas Boy Sikh Sharp
37 Tarun Boy Sikh Na
38 Meh Boy Sikh Within, between, in
39 Kavi Boy Sikh Poet
40 Diler Boy Sikh Brave (also see daler)
41 Dalip Boy Sikh King
42 Chore Boy Sikh Robber
43 Dara Boy Sikh Lord, god
44 Vijai Boy Sikh Conquest, victory
45 Sukh Boy Sikh Peace
46 Hari Boy Sikh The one belonging to god
47 Prem Boy Sikh Love
48 Gun Boy Sikh (god's) qualities, virtues
49 Ashar Boy Sikh Noble one of god
50 Beant Boy Sikh Endless, boundless
51 Daler Boy Sikh Brave
52 Sonny Boy Sikh Beautiful
53 Sar Boy Sikh Pool, vessel
54 Mina Boy Sikh Enamel work
55 Bhup Boy Sikh Kind
56 Budh Boy Sikh Intellect, intelligence
57 Anik Boy Sikh Various
58 Jagan Boy Sikh World, awake
59 Daman Boy Sikh One who controls
60 Bik Boy Sikh Stride; strong
61 Inder Boy Sikh God
62 Sunil Boy Sikh Na
63 Pal Boy Sikh Nurture, foster or protect
64 Atam Boy Sikh Spirituality
65 Fauja Boy Sikh Army general
66 Akash Boy Sikh As vast as the sky
67 Sohan Boy Sikh Na
68 Udit Boy Sikh Awakened
69 Jee Boy Sikh Life, being, to come into existence
70 Deva Boy Sikh Diety
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