TOP 70 Short Sikh boy Names

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1 Bhav Boy Sikh Expressions
2 Binay Boy Sikh Blessing
3 Vinay Boy Sikh Modest
4 Akas Boy Sikh All prevading, as great as sky
5 Jee Boy Sikh Life, being, to come into existence
6 Bisan Boy Sikh God
7 Bik Boy Sikh Stride; strong
8 Talib Boy Sikh The seeker of truth
9 Sagar Boy Sikh Ocean, sea
10 Vijay Boy Sikh Conquest, victory
11 Dara Boy Sikh Lord, god
12 Diler Boy Sikh Brave (also see daler)
13 Ajay Boy Sikh Victory/conqueror
14 Mohan Boy Sikh Beauteous, attractive
15 Akaar Boy Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize
16 Inder Boy Sikh God
17 Sadha Boy Sikh Eternal
18 Atama Boy Sikh Self, soul
19 Veer Boy Sikh Brave person
20 Ujjal Boy Sikh Bright, clean, holy
21 Farid Boy Sikh Name of bhagat farid
22 Santa Boy Sikh Exalted person
23 Anokh Boy Sikh Extraordinary and wondrous
24 Param Boy Sikh Supreme being
25 Sar Boy Sikh Pool, vessel
26 Kewal Boy Sikh Only
27 Aneel Boy Sikh Holy, immaculate being
28 Uddam Boy Sikh One who strives, makes effort
29 Hakam Boy Sikh Ruler, authority
30 Dhian Boy Sikh Contemplation, absorbed in contemplation
31 Angad Boy Sikh Name of the second sikh guru, an ornament
32 Kahn Boy Sikh Lord krishna
33 Jap Boy Sikh Chant, meditate
34 Taran Boy Sikh Freedom from bondage
35 Vir Boy Sikh Brave
36 Iqbal Boy Sikh Glory, destiny
37 Aatma Boy Sikh Soul, light of the lord
38 Kavi Boy Sikh Poet
39 Hari Boy Sikh The one belonging to god
40 Bolan Boy Sikh God's spoken word
41 Daman Boy Sikh One who controls
42 Shamz Boy Sikh Na
43 Kiv Boy Sikh How
44 Bhup Boy Sikh Kind
45 Dalip Boy Sikh King
46 Falak Boy Sikh Sky
47 Ajeet Boy Sikh Invincible, unconquerable
48 Anik Boy Sikh Various
49 Shah Boy Sikh Na
50 Budh Boy Sikh Intellect, intelligence
51 Aseem Boy Sikh Limitless, infinite
52 Nalin Boy Sikh Lotus
53 Ameek Boy Sikh Na
54 Aavai Boy Sikh Arrive, to come
55 Saran Boy Sikh Sanctuary, protection, shelter
56 Anand Boy Sikh One who is blissful, delightful
57 Sewa Boy Sikh Absorbed in service and simran
58 Ekant Boy Sikh Solitude, peaceful
59 Antar Boy Sikh Within one, sustained within one
60 Datar Boy Sikh The one that provides and looks after us
61 Amar Boy Sikh Everlasting, imperishable
62 Ranga Boy Sikh One who is colored in naam
63 Das Boy Sikh Humble slave or servant
64 Daan Boy Sikh Wise and prudent
65 Ban Boy Sikh To become, forest
66 Fauja Boy Sikh Army general
67 Dal Boy Sikh Team/force/soldier
68 Atam Boy Sikh Spirituality
69 Manoj Boy Sikh Born of mind
70 Sher Boy Sikh Lion
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