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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Lalit Boy Sikh Fine
2 Kavi Boy Sikh Poet
3 Tejas Boy Sikh Sharp
4 Gun Boy Sikh (god's) qualities, virtues
5 Tarun Boy Sikh Na
6 Surat Boy Sikh Of awakend consciousness
7 Sutho Boy Sikh Spouse
8 Chann Boy Sikh Beauteous, beloved
9 Taran Boy Sikh Freedom from bondage
10 Foola Boy Sikh Blossom
11 Amar Boy Sikh Everlasting, imperishable
12 Falak Boy Sikh Sky
13 Nalin Boy Sikh Lotus
14 Ameek Boy Sikh Na
15 Binay Boy Sikh Blessing
16 Sodhi Boy Sikh Na
17 Karan Boy Sikh The first ray of sunlight
18 Jivan Boy Sikh Life
19 Farid Boy Sikh Name of bhagat farid
20 Vijay Boy Sikh Conquest, victory
21 Boota Boy Sikh Green; sapling; plant
22 Sant Boy Sikh Saint
23 Das Boy Sikh Humble slave or servant
24 Aakar Boy Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize
25 Antar Boy Sikh Within one, sustained within one
26 Bolan Boy Sikh God's spoken word
27 Anaad Boy Sikh Beginningless
28 Janam Boy Sikh Birth, life
29 Saran Boy Sikh Sanctuary, protection, shelter
30 Budh Boy Sikh Intellect, intelligence
31 Amit Boy Sikh Unlimited, great, infinite
32 Ikbal Boy Sikh Gloty, destiny
33 Adith Boy Sikh Sunday
34 Anand Boy Sikh One who is blissful, delightful
35 Daman Boy Sikh One who controls
36 Akhee Boy Sikh Of an eye (as in a blink of an eye)
37 Teja Boy Sikh Fast/speedy/sharp
38 Anayk Boy Sikh Various
39 Gopal Boy Sikh Lord, protector
40 Datar Boy Sikh The one that provides and looks after us
41 Jee Boy Sikh Life, being, to come into existence
42 Fakir Boy Sikh A saintly person
43 Nihal Boy Sikh Happy, blissful person
44 Deva Boy Sikh Diety
45 Attar Boy Sikh Perfume
46 Ashar Boy Sikh Noble one of god
47 Dilip Boy Sikh King
48 Kavan Boy Sikh Who
49 Kiv Boy Sikh How
50 Avtar Boy Sikh Incarnation of god
51 Babbu Boy Sikh Na
52 Anhad Boy Sikh Na
53 Angad Boy Sikh Name of the second sikh guru, an ornament
54 Sahil Boy Sikh Guide
55 Diwan Boy Sikh Congregation
56 Prabh Boy Sikh God
57 Kawal Boy Sikh Na
58 Veer Boy Sikh Brave person
59 Atama Boy Sikh Self, soul
60 Abrik Boy Sikh Na
61 Waris Boy Sikh Owner
62 Param Boy Sikh Supreme being
63 Fauja Boy Sikh Army general
64 Kewal Boy Sikh Only
65 Adesh Boy Sikh Command
66 Alok Boy Sikh Light
67 Fateh Boy Sikh Victory
68 Ajai Boy Sikh Victory/conqueror
69 Jal Boy Sikh Water
70 Hukam Boy Sikh (gods) command, authority, direction
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