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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Na'eem Boy Arabic Pleasure, ease, tranquility Na'
2 Na'il Boy Arabic Aquirer, earner Na'
3 Naa'il Boy Arabic Acquirer, earner Naa'
4 Naadir Boy Arabic Dear; rare
5 Naajy Boy Arabic Safe
6 Naaman Boy Arabic Pleasant
7 Naasih Boy Arabic Advisor
8 Naathim Boy Arabic Arranger; adjuster
9 Nabeeh Boy Arabic Noble; outstanding
10 Nabeel Boy Arabic Noble
11 Nabeel, nabil Boy Arabic Noble, handsome, intelligent, dexterous; skilled in archery Nabeel,
12 Nabhan Boy Arabic Noble; outstanding
13 Nabhan, nabih Boy Arabic Noble, outstanding Nabhan,
14 Nabi Boy Arabic Another name for prophet muhammad; messenger
15 Nabil Boy Arabic Another name for god; good-looking; wise
16 Nabil, nabeel Boy Arabic Noble Nabil,
17 Nadeem Boy Arabic Friend
18 Nadheer Boy Arabic Warner
19 Nadhir Boy Arabic Warner
20 Nadidah Boy Arabic Equal to anyone else
21 Nadim, nadeem Boy Arabic Friend Nadim,
22 Nadir Boy Arabic Dear, rare
23 Nadir, nader Boy Arabic Rare, singular, precious (in english lowest point) Nadir,
24 Nadira Boy Arabic Rare, inaccessible
25 Naeem Boy Arabic Comfort; ease; tranquil
26 Nafees Boy Arabic Refined, pure; choice, exquisite
27 Nafis Boy Arabic Precious, life of a person
28 Nagid Boy Arabic Ruler
29 Nahi Boy Arabic Another name for prophet muhammad;
30 Naif Boy Arabic Not available
31 Naif nail Boy Arabic Aquirer, earner Naif
32 Naim Boy Arabic Comfort, ease, tranquility
33 Najam Boy Arabic Star, planet
34 Najee, naji Boy Arabic Safe, friendly, affectionate Najee,
35 Najeeb Boy Arabic Of noble descent
36 Naji Boy Arabic Safe
37 Najib, najeeb Boy Arabic Of noble descent Najib,
38 Najjar Boy Arabic Carpenter
39 Najm Boy Arabic Star, planet, fortune, horoscope
40 Najm al din Boy Arabic Star of the faith Najm al
41 Najm udeen Boy Arabic The star of the faith Najm
42 Namdar Boy Arabic Famous
43 Namvar Boy Arabic Famous
44 Naseeb Boy Arabic Fortune, fate, destiny
45 Naseem Boy Arabic Fresh air
46 Naser, nasir Boy Arabic Assister, friend, protector Naser,
47 Nasih Boy Arabic Advisor
48 Nasim Boy Arabic Fresh air
49 Nasim, naseem Boy Arabic Breeze, fresh air Nasim,
50 Nasir al din Boy Arabic Protector of the faith Nasir al
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