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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Vaagdevi Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess of learning, saraswath
2 Vaani Girl Sikh A true voice, guru's voice
3 Vaanya Girl Indian-Hindu Idle daughter
4 Vaapaar/vapar Girl Sikh Trade, vocation Vaapaar/
5 Vadiaya Girl Sikh (god's) greatness
6 Vadit Girl Hebrew Rose
7 Vafa Girl Muslim-Islamic Loyalty, faithfulness
8 Vafara Girl French Brave
9 Vafia Girl Muslim-Islamic Complete, Just
10 Vagishwari Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess saraswati
11 Vaibavi Girl Bengali Landlord ,rich person
12 Vaibhavi Girl Bengali Landlord ,rich person
13 Vaidarbhi Girl Bengali Rukhmini, wife of krishna
14 Vaidarbhi Girl Indian-Hindu Rukhmini; wife of krishna
15 Vaidehi Girl Bengali Name of sita
16 Vaidehi Girl Indian-Hindu Sita; wife of ram
17 Vaiga Girl Indian-Hindu Godess Parvathi
18 Vaijanti Girl Bengali Name of flower
19 Vaijayanti Girl Bengali A garland of lord vishnu
20 Vaijayanti Girl Indian-Hindu Prize
21 Vaijayantimala Girl Bengali A garland of lord vishnu
22 Vail Girl English Valley
23 Vainavi Girl Bengali Gold
24 Vainavi Girl Indian-Hindu Gold
25 Vaisakhi Girl Bengali Auspicious day in punjab
26 Vaisakhi Girl Indian-Hindu Auspicious day in punjab
27 Vaishali Girl Bengali An ancient city of india
28 Vaishali Girl Indian-Hindu Name of an ancient city
29 Vaishanavi Girl Bengali Worshipper of lord vishnu
30 Vaishavi Girl Bengali Goddess parvati
31 Vaishavi Girl Indian-Hindu Lord vishnu's devotee
32 Vaishnavi Girl Bengali Worshipper of lord vishnu
33 Vaishnavi Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess durga, ganga, tulsi
34 Vaishnodevi Girl Bengali Goddess parvati
35 Vajra Girl Indian-Hindu Diamond
36 Val Girl French Power
37 Vala Girl German Singled out
38 Valarie Girl Latin Strength, valor
39 Valborga Girl German Protecting ruler
40 Valencia Girl Spanish Brave
41 Valentina Girl Latin Health or love
42 Valentina Girl Spanish Brave
43 Valentine Girl French Health or love
44 Valeraine Girl French Brave
45 Valere Girl French Brave
46 Valeria Girl Italian Strength, valor
47 Valerie Girl Biblical Powerful
48 Valerie Girl French Fierce one
49 Valerie Girl French Brave
50 Valerie Girl English Strong: valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.
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