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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Daanish Boy Bengali To be clever, foreseeing, full of knowledge and wisdom. Book
2 Daarshik Boy Bengali Perceiver Book
3 Daipayan Boy Bengali Who is born in an island Book
4 Daivat Boy Bengali Luck Book
5 Daivey Boy Bengali Dearly loved Book
6 Daivya Boy Bengali Divine Book
7 Daiwik Boy Bengali By the grace of god Book
8 Daksh Boy Bengali A son of brahma, capable Book
9 Dakshesh Boy Bengali Lord shiva Book
10 Daksheshwar Boy Bengali Lord siva Book
11 Dakshi Boy Bengali The glorious Book
12 Dakshinayan Boy Bengali Some movement of the sun Book
13 Dakshith Boy Bengali Lord shiva Book
14 Dalajit Boy Bengali Winning over a group Book
15 Dalapathi Boy Bengali Leader of a group Book
16 Dalbir Boy Bengali Soldier Book
17 Daljeet Boy Bengali The conqueror of forces Book
18 Damodar Boy Bengali A name of krishna,river Book
19 Dananjay Boy Bengali One who wins wealth Book
20 Darpad Boy Bengali Lord shiva Book
21 Darpak Boy Bengali Kamdev, god of love Book
22 Darpan Boy Bengali A mirror Book
23 Darsh Boy Bengali Lord krishna Book
24 Darshak Boy Bengali Spectator Book
25 Darshal Boy Bengali Prayer of god Book
26 Darshan Boy Bengali Paying respect, religious text Book
27 Darsheel Boy Bengali Something that looks good and sober Book
28 Darshish Boy Bengali Contemplation; examination Book
29 Darshit Boy Bengali Display Book
30 Dasharath Boy Bengali The father of lord rama Book
31 Dasharathi Boy Bengali Lord rama Book
32 Dasmaya Boy Bengali Beautiful Book
33 Dastagir Boy Bengali Brave Book
34 Dattey Boy Bengali Lord indra Book
35 Dayamay Boy Bengali Full of mercy Book
36 Dayanand Boy Bengali One who likes being merciful Book
37 Dayananda Boy Bengali A king Book
38 Dayanidhi Boy Bengali Treasure house of mercy Book
39 Dayanishee Boy Bengali Merciful Book
40 Dayaram Boy Bengali Merciful Book
41 Dayasagar Boy Bengali Extremely kind, sea of mercy Book
42 Dayasagara Boy Bengali Ocean of compassionate Book
43 Dayashankar Boy Bengali Merciful lord shiva Book
44 Dayaswarup Boy Bengali Merciful Book
45 Debajyoti Boy Bengali Power of all gods Book
46 Debanjan Boy Bengali Kajal of goddess eye Book
47 Debapam Boy Bengali God like Book
48 Debashis Boy Bengali Benediction of god Book
49 Debashish Boy Bengali Pleased by gods Book
50 Debashmeet Boy Bengali Lord of the rings Book
Page 1 of 5, Showing 50 of 213 Records