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Are you looking for Armenian Girl Names? If Yes, then you have reached at right place because this page has a collection of Armenian Girl Names. Here we have listed all beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon, modern, most popular, awesome and easy to pronounce Armenian Girl Names with name meaning so that you can easily choose right name for your new born baby as per name meaning. You can also share this page with your friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twiiter. They can also help you to choose right Armenian Girl Names for your new born baby.

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Anahid Girl Armenian Divine Book
2 Anoush Girl Armenian Sweet disposition Book
3 Caroun Girl Armenian Spring Book
4 Darlita Girl Armenian Young girl Book
5 Garin Girl Armenian Name of an old armenian city Book
6 Keran Girl Armenian Wooden post Book
7 Lucine Girl Armenian Moonlight Book
8 Nadalia Girl Armenian Born on christmas Book
9 Nairi Girl Armenian Land of canyons Book
10 Ohanna Girl Armenian God's gracious gift Book
11 Phyre Girl Armenian Burning bright Book
12 Rehan Girl Armenian Flower Book
13 Seda Girl Armenian Forest voices Book
14 Shoushan Girl Armenian Lily Book
15 Siran Girl Armenian Lovely Book
16 Sirvat Girl Armenian Rose Book
17 Taline Girl Armenian Monestary Book
18 Vartouhi Girl Armenian Beautiful as a rose Book
19 Zada Girl Armenian Good fortune Book
20 Zagiri Girl Armenian Flower Book
21 Ziazan Girl Armenian Rainbow Book
Page 1 of 1, Showing 21 of 21 Records
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