Sikh girl Names Starting With Letter B

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Baalak Girl Sikh Child
2 Bachint Girl Sikh Without worry
3 Baegana Girl Sikh Ignorant, not related
4 Bairagi Girl Sikh Independent
5 Bakhsheesh Girl Sikh The blessed one
6 Baksheesh Girl Sikh Devine blessing
7 Balan Girl Sikh Na
8 Baldeep Girl Sikh Creative and idealistic
9 Balinder Girl Sikh Lord krishna
10 Balinderjit Girl Sikh Lord krishna
11 Baljinder Girl Sikh One who cares for others
12 Baljit Girl Sikh Mighty victorious
13 Balroop Girl Sikh Na
14 Baltej Girl Sikh One with glorious might
15 Balvinder Girl Sikh Victorious through strength
16 Balwinder Girl Sikh Victorious through strength
17 Banee Girl Sikh Guru's word
18 Bani Girl Sikh Guru's word
19 Banita Girl Sikh Lady
20 Barinder Girl Sikh Na
21 Barjinder Girl Sikh Na
22 Barminder Girl Sikh Gods given beauty
23 Basant Girl Sikh Spring
24 Bayit Girl Sikh Na
25 Bebe Girl Sikh Wife
26 Beebee Girl Sikh Wife
27 Beena Girl Sikh Flute
28 Beena Girl Sikh Flute
29 Bhagwantjot Girl Sikh Light of god
30 Bhagwantroop Girl Sikh In the form of god
31 Bhao Girl Sikh Fear
32 Bharpoor Girl Sikh One who is full of content
33 Bhavana Girl Sikh Feeling
34 Bhavdeep Girl Sikh Na
35 Bhavender Girl Sikh Na
36 Bhavjeet Girl Sikh One who swims across the dreadful world ocean
37 Bhoopendra Girl Sikh King of kings; king of the earth
38 Bhupindar Girl Sikh The king of kings
39 Bhupinder Girl Sikh The king of kings
40 Bibi Girl Sikh Wife
41 Bijul Girl Sikh Lightning flash
42 Bina Girl Sikh Without
43 Binajit Girl Sikh Na
44 Bir Girl Sikh Brave/fight
45 Bisanpreet Girl Sikh Love of god
46 Bishan Girl Sikh God who is immaculate
47 Bismeet Girl Sikh Na
48 Brahamjeet Girl Sikh God's triumph
49 Brijodh Girl Sikh Na
50 Budhpreet Girl Sikh Love of wisdom
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