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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Yaafi Boy Muslim-Islamic Young man, Nearly 'baligh'
2 Yaafis Boy Muslim-Islamic Increase
3 Yaakov Boy Biblical One who supplants
4 Yaakov Boy Hebrew One who supplants
5 Yaakov Boy Hebrew Held by the heel
6 Yaaqoot Boy Muslim-Islamic Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet.
7 Yaar Boy Muslim-Islamic (Persian) Friend.
8 Yaarunnabi Boy Muslim-Islamic Friend of the Prophet (Muhammad)
9 Yaaseen Boy Arabic One of the prophet muhammad's names
10 Yaaseen Boy Muslim-Islamic Name of a surah in the Holy Quran, A title of The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).
11 Yaasiin Boy Muslim-Islamic Surah in Al-Quran
12 Yaasir Boy Muslim-Islamic Name of a Sahabi (RA).
13 Yaasoob Boy Muslim-Islamic Alis Title
14 Yaawar Boy Muslim-Islamic (Persian) Aiding, friendly, An a panion, friend.
15 Yachika Boy Indian-Hindu Application
16 Yacoob Boy Muslim-Islamic Prophets name
17 Yacoub Boy Muslim-Islamic Jacob
18 Yadav Boy Bengali Lord krishna, descendent of yadu
19 Yadav Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
20 Yadavendra Boy Bengali Lord krishna
21 Yadavendra Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
22 Yadbir Boy Sikh Memorable
23 Yadhavan Boy Bengali Lord krishna
24 Yadhu Boy Bengali An ancient king
25 Yadid Boy Biblical Beloved
26 Yadid Boy Hebrew Beloved
27 Yadnesh Boy Bengali Lord
28 Yadnya Boy Bengali Holy fire
29 Yadnyesh Boy Bengali Lord
30 Yadu Boy Bengali An ancient king
31 Yadunand Boy Indian-Hindu Lord Krishna
32 Yadunandan Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
33 Yadunandan Boy Bengali Lord krishna
34 Yadunath Boy Bengali Lord krishna
35 Yadunath Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
36 Yaduraj Boy Bengali Lord krishna
37 Yaduraj Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
38 Yaduvir Boy Bengali Lord krishna
39 Yaduvir Boy Indian-Hindu Lord krishna
40 Yadveer Boy Sikh Memorable
41 Yadvinder Boy Sikh Lord, god
42 Yadvir Boy Sikh Memorable
43 Yaeesh Boy Muslim-Islamic Bin al-Jahm was a narrator of Hadith.
44 Yafi Boy Muslim-Islamic A narrator of hadith
45 Yafir Boy Muslim-Islamic
46 Yaghnam Boy Muslim-Islamic A narrator of hadith
47 Yaghoub Boy Muslim-Islamic A prophet's name
48 Yagil Boy Hebrew Celebrate
49 Yagil Boy Biblical Celebrate
50 Yagil Boy Hebrew He will rejoice
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