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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Baan Boy Sikh God's hymns
2 Babbu Boy Sikh Na
3 Bachan Boy Sikh Promise
4 Bachittar Boy Sikh Wounderous merits
5 Bahadar Boy Sikh One who is brave and corageous
6 Bahadurjit Boy Sikh Victory of the brave
7 Bakhat Boy Sikh Time, point of time
8 Bakhtawer Boy Sikh Na
9 Bakshi Boy Sikh Blessed
10 Bakshish Boy Sikh Devine blessing
11 Baksis Boy Sikh Devine blessing
12 Baksish Boy Sikh Devine blessing
13 Bal Boy Sikh Mighty
14 Balaknath Boy Sikh Child master
15 Balbir Boy Sikh Strong; couragious
16 Baldeb Boy Sikh Another name of balram
17 Baldev Boy Sikh The mighty god
18 Balendra Boy Sikh Lord krishna
19 Balhaar Boy Sikh Surrounded by strength
20 Baljeet Boy Sikh Mighty victorious
21 Baljiwan Boy Sikh Life with strength
22 Balkar Boy Sikh Na
23 Balraj Boy Sikh Elder brother of sri krishna
24 Balram Boy Sikh Might lord
25 Balvan Boy Sikh Powerful and mighty
26 Balveer Boy Sikh Powerful and brave
27 Balvir Boy Sikh Powerful and brave
28 Balwant Boy Sikh Full of might
29 Ban Boy Sikh To become, forest
30 Banda Boy Sikh The person
31 Banjeet Boy Sikh Victory of the forest
32 Bawa Boy Sikh Father, grandfather
33 Beant Boy Sikh Endless, boundless
34 Bhagat Boy Sikh Devotee of god
35 Bhagatveer Boy Sikh The brave devotee of god
36 Bhagwan Boy Sikh God
37 Bhagwant Boy Sikh One whose heart is full of loving devotion
38 Bhajan Boy Sikh One who is absorbed in god's love
39 Bhajnaam Boy Sikh Remembering the love of god
40 Bhav Boy Sikh Expressions
41 Bhavan Boy Sikh Attractive
42 Bhavanjot Boy Sikh Soothing light
43 Bheesham Boy Sikh Famous warrior
44 Bhup Boy Sikh Kind
45 Bhupendra Boy Sikh King of kings; king of the earth
46 Bhupinderpal Boy Sikh Preserved by god
47 Bik Boy Sikh Stride; strong
48 Bikram Boy Sikh Stride; strong
49 Bikramjit Boy Sikh Na
50 Bilal Boy Sikh Male cat
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