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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 L'Angley Boy French Englishman L'
2 Lafayette Boy French Historical french soldier
3 Lafayette Boy French Surname. At the age of 20 the French nobleman Marquis de Lafayette went to fight for four years in the American Revolution.
4 Lamar Boy French Of the sea.
5 Lamarr Boy French Of the sea.
6 Lamond Boy French World
7 Lance Boy French Lancer.
8 Lancelin Boy French Servant
9 Lancelot Boy French Attendant
10 Lancelot Boy French Servant
11 Landers Boy French From the grassy plain
12 Landis Boy French From the grassy plain
13 Langley Boy French Englishman
14 Laramie Boy French Surname with American connotations due to Laramie: a town in Wyoming USA on the Overland Trail of the Pony Express.
15 Larue Boy French The red-haired one.
16 Lasalle Boy French The hall.
17 Latimer Boy French Interprets Latin
18 Launcelot Boy French Servant
19 Laurence Boy French Laurel-crowned
20 Laurent Boy French Crowned with laurel
21 Laurent Boy French From the place of the laurel trees.
22 Leal Boy French Faithful
23 Leandre Boy French Form of Leander. Lionlike man.
24 Leeroy Boy French The king.
25 Legget Boy French Delegate
26 Lenard Boy French Lion-bold.
27 Lennard Boy French Lion-bold.
28 Leocadie Boy French Lion
29 Leodegrance Boy French Lion
30 Leon Boy French Lion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures: symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage.
31 Leonard Boy French Lion-bold.
32 Leonce Boy French Lion
33 Leone Boy French Lion
34 Leonore Boy French Shining light. Variant of Eleanor.
35 Leroi Boy French The king.
36 Leron Boy French The circle.
37 Leroux Boy French The red-haired one.
38 Leroy Boy French The king
39 Leroy Boy French The king.
40 Leveret Boy French Young rabbit
41 Leverett Boy French Young hare
42 Leverett Boy French Young rabbit
43 Lionel Boy French Lion cub
44 Lionel Boy French Young lion.
45 Lionell Boy French Young lion.
46 Lisle Boy French From the island
47 Lonell Boy French Young lion.
48 Lonnell Boy French Young lion.
49 Loring Boy French From Lorraine
50 Lothair Boy French Fighter
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