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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ma'isah Girl Arabic Walking with a proud, swinging gait Ma'
2 Mada Girl Arabic The end of the path
3 Madeeha Girl Arabic Praiseworthy
4 Madihah, madeeha Girl Arabic Praiseworthy Madihah,
5 Mah jabeen Girl Arabic A beautiful person Mah
6 Maha wild cow, cow Girl Arabic Eyes Maha wild cow,
7 Mahala Girl Arabic Powerful
8 Mahalah Girl Arabic Narrow, tender
9 Mahasti Girl Arabic The moon's being
10 Mahboobah Girl Arabic Mistress, sweetheart
11 Maheen,mahin Girl Arabic Greatest,related to the moon Maheen,
12 Mahira Girl Arabic Energetic
13 Mahirimah sun Girl Arabic Moon,i.e. very beautiful Mahirimah
14 Mahjabeen Girl Arabic Moon like
15 Mahlagha, mahlagha Girl Arabic Face of the moon Mahlagha,
16 Mahlah Girl Arabic From mahala
17 Mahliqa,mehlika Girl Arabic Moonlike Mahliqa,
18 Mahnaz Girl Arabic The moon's glory
19 Mahrukh Girl Arabic Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
20 Mahsati Girl Arabic Moon lady
21 Mahsheed Girl Arabic Moon, moonlight
22 Mahta Girl Arabic Moon like
23 Mahwash moon Girl Arabic Like; a beauty Mahwash
24 Maimoona Girl Arabic Auspicious; blessed
25 Maimun Girl Arabic Lucky
26 Maimunah Girl Arabic Wife of prophet muhammad
27 Maisa Girl Arabic Walking with proud swinging gait
28 Maisah Girl Arabic Walking with a proud, swinging gait
29 Maizah Girl Arabic Discerning
30 Maja Girl Arabic Splendid
31 Majeeda Girl Arabic Glorious
32 Majida Girl Arabic Glorious
33 Majidah, majeeda Girl Arabic Glorious, powerful, noble Majidah,
34 Makaarim Girl Arabic Of good and honorable character
35 Makarim Girl Arabic Of good and honorable character
36 Malak Girl Arabic Angel
37 Malihah Girl Arabic Beautiful
38 Manaal Girl Arabic Attainment; achievement
39 Manaar Girl Arabic Guiding light (lighthouse)
40 Manal Girl Arabic Attainment, achievement
41 Manar Girl Arabic Guiding light
42 Manolya Girl Arabic Magnolia
43 Manzuma Girl Arabic Poem or song
44 Maraam Girl Arabic Aspiration
45 Maram Girl Arabic Aspiration
46 Mariam, maryam Girl Arabic A flower, mother of jesus pbuh; arabic form of "mary" Mariam,
47 Mariyah Girl Arabic One of the wives of prophet muhammad
48 Marjan Girl Arabic Coral
49 Marjanah Girl Arabic Coral
50 Marjani Girl Arabic Red coral
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