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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Sabra Girl Hebrew Cactus fruit Sabra.com
2 Sabra Girl Hebrew To rest Sabra.com
3 Sabrina Girl Hebrew Cactus fruit Sabrina.com
4 Sadie Girl Hebrew Princess Sadie.com
5 Sallie Girl Hebrew Princess Sallie.com
6 Sally Girl Hebrew A form of sarah Sally.com
7 Sally Girl Hebrew Princess Sally.com
8 Saloma Girl Hebrew Tranquil Saloma.com
9 Salome Girl Hebrew Shalom/welcome, peace Salome.com
10 Salome Girl Hebrew Tranquil Salome.com
11 Salomeaexl Girl Hebrew Tranquil Salomeaexl.com
12 Sam Girl Hebrew God hears Sam.com
13 Samantha Girl Hebrew Listener of god Samantha.com
14 Samantha Girl Hebrew Name of God Samantha.com
15 Samara Girl Hebrew Protected by God Samara.com
16 Samarah Girl Hebrew Mountain, outlook, ruled by god. Samarah.com
17 Sammy Girl Hebrew Short for samuel or samantha Sammy.com
18 Samuela Girl Hebrew Asked of God Samuela.com
19 Sapphira Girl Hebrew Beautiful Sapphira.com
20 Sapphire Girl Hebrew Beautiful Sapphire.com
21 Sara Girl Hebrew Princess Sara.com
22 Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess Sarah.com
23 Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess Sarah.com
24 Sarai Girl Hebrew My princess Sarai.com
25 Sarai Girl Hebrew Argumentative Sarai.com
26 Sari Girl Hebrew Princess Sari.com
27 Sarita Girl Hebrew Princess Sarita.com
28 Sasson Girl Hebrew Joy Sasson.com
29 Schlomit Girl Hebrew Tranquil Schlomit.com
30 Seanna Girl Hebrew Gods generosity. Seanna.com
31 Segulah Girl Hebrew Precious Segulah.com
32 Sela Girl Hebrew Rock Sela.com
33 Sela Girl Hebrew Rock Sela.com
34 Selah Girl Hebrew Pause and reflect Selah.com
35 Sele Girl Hebrew Rock Sele.com
36 Seleta Girl Hebrew Rock Seleta.com
37 Selima Girl Hebrew Brings comfort, peace Selima.com
38 Selima Girl Hebrew Tranquil Selima.com
39 Semadar Girl Hebrew Berry Semadar.com
40 Semira Girl Hebrew From heaven Semira.com
41 Serafine Girl Hebrew Burning fire Serafine.com
42 Seraphina Girl Hebrew Burning fire Seraphina.com
43 Seraphine Girl Hebrew Burning fire Seraphine.com
44 Serefina Girl Hebrew Burning fire Serefina.com
45 Shaina Girl Hebrew Beautiful Shaina.com
46 Shaina Girl Hebrew Beautiful. Shaina.com
47 Shalom Girl Hebrew Peace - hello Shalom.com
48 Shamira Girl Hebrew Protector Shamira.com
49 Shana Girl Hebrew God is gracious Shana.com
50 Shanae Girl Hebrew From shana Shanae.com
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