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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Aagyakar Boy Sikh Obedient
2 Aagyapal Boy Sikh One who maintains obedience
3 Aakar Boy Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize
4 Aanand Boy Sikh Joy or bliss
5 Aaradh Boy Sikh Deep rapturous love, adoration
6 Aashish Boy Sikh Blessing
7 Aatma Boy Sikh Soul, light of the lord
8 Aavai Boy Sikh Arrive, to come
9 Abahijeevan Boy Sikh Fearless life
10 Abhaidev Boy Sikh Free of fear
11 Abhaijeet Boy Sikh Victory over fear
12 Abhijeet Boy Sikh Victorious
13 Abhinav Boy Sikh Novel
14 Abinaash Boy Sikh Eternal, immortal
15 Abrik Boy Sikh Na
16 Achar Boy Sikh Inaminate
17 Achint Boy Sikh Without worry
18 Achraj Boy Sikh Wondrous
19 Adarsh Boy Sikh Ideals
20 Adarshpal Boy Sikh Keeper of ideals
21 Adeeb Boy Sikh Writer
22 Adesh Boy Sikh Command
23 Adith Boy Sikh Sunday
24 Agam Boy Sikh Extending far, profound, unimaginable
25 Agamjit Boy Sikh God's triumph
26 Ajaath Boy Sikh Without caste
27 Ajai Boy Sikh Victory/conqueror
28 Ajaib Boy Sikh Wondrous being
29 Ajay Boy Sikh Victory/conqueror
30 Ajeet Boy Sikh Invincible, unconquerable
31 Ajinder Boy Sikh Na
32 Ajit Boy Sikh Invincible, unconquerable
33 Ajitesh Boy Sikh Unconquerable god
34 Ajitpal Boy Sikh Na
35 Ajmer Boy Sikh A city name
36 Akaar Boy Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize
37 Akaas Boy Sikh As vast as the sky
38 Akaash Boy Sikh As vast as the sky
39 Akalbir Boy Sikh God's immortal warrior
40 Akalnivas Boy Sikh One dwelling in the eternal realm
41 Akalsharan Boy Sikh The one taking shelter in god
42 Akalsimar Boy Sikh One remembering the eternal god
43 Akalsukh Boy Sikh Forever in peace and delight
44 Akas Boy Sikh All prevading, as great as sky
45 Akash Boy Sikh As vast as the sky
46 Akhand Boy Sikh Undivided
47 Akharee Boy Sikh From god's word
48 Akhee Boy Sikh Of an eye (as in a blink of an eye)
49 Akhil Boy Sikh All
50 Akhilpal Boy Sikh All nurturing (god)
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