TOP 25 Short Japanese boy Names

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Akio Boy Japanese Bright boy
2 Ryu Boy Japanese Dragon
3 Shiro Boy Japanese Fourth born son
4 Takai Boy Japanese N/a
5 Mareo Boy Japanese Uncommon
6 Masao Boy Japanese Righteous
7 Keiji Boy Japanese Lead cautiously
8 Ringo Boy Japanese Apple
9 Taku Boy Japanese N/a
10 Jiro Boy Japanese The second male
11 Danno Boy Japanese Gathering in the meadow
12 Kuri Boy Japanese Chestnut
13 Naoko Boy Japanese Honest
14 Matsu Boy Japanese Pine
15 Ai Boy Japanese Love
16 Washi Boy Japanese Eagle
17 Akira Boy Japanese Intelligent
18 Chiko Boy Japanese Pledge
19 Juro Boy Japanese Long life
20 Shino Boy Japanese Stem of bamboo
21 Joben Boy Japanese Enjoys cleanliness
22 Taro Boy Japanese First born son
23 Toshi Boy Japanese Mirror image
24 Haru Boy Japanese Born in the spring
25 Goro Boy Japanese Fifth
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