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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ra'eesah Girl Arabic Leader, princess, noble, a wealthy lady Ra'
2 Ra'idah Girl Arabic Leader Ra'
3 Ra'naa Girl Arabic Lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate Ra'
4 Raaida Girl Arabic Leader
5 Raawiya Girl Arabic Transmitter (of ancient arabic poetry)
6 Rabab Girl Arabic White cloud
7 Rabeea Girl Arabic Garden
8 Rabi'ah Girl Arabic Garden, springtime Rabi'
9 Rabiah Girl Arabic Garden, springtime
10 Radeyah, radhiya Girl Arabic Content, satisfied, pleased, delighted Radeyah,
11 Radhiyaa Girl Arabic Content; satisfied
12 Radhwa Girl Arabic Name of mountain in medina
13 Radwa, radhwa Girl Arabic A mountain in medina Radwa,
14 Rafa Girl Arabic Happiness; prosperity
15 Rafa' Girl Arabic Happiness, prosperity Rafa'.com
16 Rafi' Girl Arabic High, sublime, exalted Rafi'.com
17 Rafiqa Girl Arabic Sweetheart, companion
18 Rafiyyah Girl Arabic High, lifting up
19 Raghd Girl Arabic Pleasant
20 Raha,riha Girl Arabic Free Raha,
21 Rahat Girl Arabic Rest, repose, comfort, tranquility, ease
22 Raheemah,rahimah Girl Arabic Merciful, compassionate, kind, affectionate Raheemah,
23 Rahiba Girl Arabic Nun
24 Rahimah Girl Arabic Merciful, compassionate
25 Raidah Girl Arabic Leader
26 Raihaanah Girl Arabic Bouquet of flowers, sweet smelling flower
27 Raja' Girl Arabic Hopeful Raja'.com
28 Rajeeyah Girl Arabic Hoping, full of hope
29 Rakhshanda Girl Arabic Shining, brilliant
30 Ramah Girl Arabic High
31 Ramish Girl Arabic Rest cheerfulness
32 Ramiza Girl Arabic Symbol
33 Rand Girl Arabic Tree of good scent
34 Rani,rane Girl Arabic Joy Rani,
35 Raniya Girl Arabic Gazing
36 Raniyah Girl Arabic Gazing
37 Rasa Girl Arabic Expressive
38 Rasha Girl Arabic Young gazelle
39 Rasheeda Girl Arabic Wise; mature
40 Rashida, rasheeda Girl Arabic Wise, mature Rashida,
41 Rashieka,rashiqa Girl Arabic Descended from royalty Rashieka,
42 Raunaq Girl Arabic Luster, beauty, elegance, freshness
43 Ravan Girl Arabic Soul, spirit
44 Rawdah, rawdha Girl Arabic Garden Rawdah,
45 Rawdha Girl Arabic Garden
46 Rawiyah Girl Arabic Transmitter of ancient arabic poetry, narrator, storyteller
47 Rayah,raya Girl Arabic Friend Rayah,
48 Rayya,rayyah Girl Arabic Aroma, fragrance, sated with drink, Rayya,
49 Raziyah Girl Arabic Another name for hazrat fatimah zahra
50 Reda Girl Arabic Satisfied
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