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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Camelia Girl Bengali Flower
2 Chadini Girl Bengali Moon light
3 Chadna Girl Bengali Love
4 Chahana Girl Bengali Desire, affection
5 Chainika Girl Bengali Specially selected\chosen one
6 Chairavali Girl Bengali Full moon of chaitra month
7 Chaithra Girl Bengali Last month of hindu calander
8 Chaitra Girl Bengali Aries sign
9 Chaitravi Girl Bengali Painted
10 Chaitri Girl Bengali Fool moon in the month of chaitra
11 Chaitrika Girl Bengali Painted
12 Chalantika Girl Bengali A dictionary of current words both elegant & colloquial
13 Champabati Girl Bengali The capital
14 Champakali Girl Bengali A bud of champa
15 Champakavathi Girl Bengali Owner of champak trees
16 Champakmala Girl Bengali Garland of champa flowers
17 Champamalini Girl Bengali Garland of champa flower
18 Champika Girl Bengali Little champa flower
19 Chanchari Girl Bengali Bird, vortex of water,bee
20 Chanda Girl Bengali Moon
21 Chandalini Girl Bengali Glorious
22 Chandana laxmi Girl Bengali Sandalwood Chandana
23 Chandanika Girl Bengali Diminutive
24 Chandhraka Girl Bengali Moon
25 Chandira Girl Bengali Moon
26 Chandona Girl Bengali A species of parrot
27 Chandrabali Girl Bengali Friend of radha
28 Chandrabhadra Girl Bengali Beautiful as moon
29 Chandrabhaga Girl Bengali The river
30 Chandrabrati Girl Bengali A vow made to the moon
31 Chandraharika Girl Bengali Good name
32 Chandraja Girl Bengali Daughter of the moon
33 Chandrajyoti Girl Bengali Moon light
34 Chandrakala Girl Bengali Moonbeams
35 Chandrakin Girl Bengali Peacock
36 Chandralekha Girl Bengali Ray of moon
37 Chandraleksha Girl Bengali A ray of the moon
38 Chandramallika Girl Bengali Flower
39 Chandramani Girl Bengali Moon stone, moon gem
40 Chandramathi Girl Bengali As beautiful as the moon
41 Chandramukhi Girl Bengali As beautiful as the moon
42 Chandrani Girl Bengali Wife of the moon
43 Chandranoni Girl Bengali Moon faced
44 Chandraprabha Girl Bengali Star, moon light
45 Chandrapushpa Girl Bengali Star
46 Chandrarekha Girl Bengali A digit of the moon,name of a sanskrit metre
47 Chandrarupa Girl Bengali Goddess laxmi
48 Chandratara Girl Bengali The moon and the stars conjoined
49 Chandratopa Girl Bengali Canopy,moon light
50 Chandravathi Girl Bengali Lit by the moon
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