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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Saacha Boy Sikh Truthful
2 Sabad Boy Sikh Guru's word
3 Sachdeep Boy Sikh Light of truth
4 Sachdev Boy Sikh True god, genuinely godly
5 Sachdhian Boy Sikh Absorbed in the true one
6 Sachgian Boy Sikh Having the true knowledge
7 Sachsev Boy Sikh Servant of truth, true servant
8 Sachsukh Boy Sikh One who attains true peace
9 Sachveer Boy Sikh Bravely upholding the truth
10 Sadha Boy Sikh Eternal
11 Sadhu Boy Sikh Saint, saintly
12 Safal Boy Sikh Productive, fruitful
13 Sagal Boy Sikh All, inclusive
14 Sagar Boy Sikh Ocean, sea
15 Sahib Boy Sikh The master
16 Sahil Boy Sikh Guide
17 Sajan Boy Sikh Beloved company or one's friend
18 Sajjan Boy Sikh Virtuous man
19 Salaah Boy Sikh God's praise
20 Samarbir Boy Sikh Brave in war
21 Sameer Boy Sikh Early morning fragrance; breeze;
22 Sampuran Boy Sikh The perfect one
23 Samrath Boy Sikh All powerful
24 Samsher Boy Sikh Na
25 Sandeep Boy Sikh A lighted lamp, always there for you
26 Sangat Boy Sikh Associating with holy congregation
27 Sangram Boy Sikh A kind of revolution
28 Sansaar Boy Sikh The world, the creation
29 Sant Boy Sikh Saint
30 Santa Boy Sikh Exalted person
31 Sar Boy Sikh Pool, vessel
32 Sarabdeep Boy Sikh All pervading light.
33 Sarabdev Boy Sikh God of gods
34 Saran Boy Sikh Sanctuary, protection, shelter
35 Sarbjeet Boy Sikh All victorious
36 Sarjant Boy Sikh Na
37 Sartaj Boy Sikh Crown of head, the master, leader
38 Sarwan Boy Sikh Na
39 Sat Boy Sikh Truth
40 Satbachan Boy Sikh The one abiding by the holy word
41 Satbir Boy Sikh The true warrior
42 Satchet Boy Sikh Tells the truth
43 Satgun Boy Sikh Of true merits
44 Satgur Boy Sikh True guide
45 Satinderpal Boy Sikh Protected by the true king
46 Satjeevan Boy Sikh The one living the truthful life
47 Satnam Boy Sikh One accepting god's being as true
48 Satpal Boy Sikh The one who abides by the truth
49 Satparvan Boy Sikh The one accepted by god
50 Satpaul Boy Sikh The one who abides by the truth
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