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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Acacia Girl Greek Thorny
2 Accalia Girl Greek Mythical greek name
3 Adonia Girl Greek Greek goddess
4 Adrienne Girl Greek Rich
5 Afrodite Girl Greek Goddess of love & beauty
6 Agalia Girl Greek Bright joy
7 Agatha Girl Greek Virtuous, good
8 Aglaia Girl Greek Brilliance
9 Agnes Girl Greek Pure
10 Airlia Girl Greek Ethereal
11 Alannis Girl Greek From atlanta
12 Alcina Girl Greek Strong minded
13 Alecia Girl Greek Form of alicia
14 Alesia Girl Greek Form of alicia
15 Aleta Girl Greek Truthful one
16 Aletha Girl Greek Truthful one
17 Alethea Girl Greek Truthful one
18 Alex Girl Greek Protector of mankind
19 Alexa Girl Greek Protector of mankind
20 Alexandra Girl Greek Protector of mankind
21 Alexandria Girl Greek Defender of mankind
22 Alexia Girl Greek Defender of mankind
23 Alexis Girl Greek Protector of mankind
24 Alice Girl Greek Truth, noble
25 Alisa Girl Greek Rational
26 Alisha Girl Greek Truth, noble
27 Alpha Girl Greek First born
28 Althea Girl Greek Healer
29 Alvis Girl Greek Thor's daughter
30 Alyssa Girl Greek Rational
31 Amara Girl Greek Eternal
32 Amaryllis Girl Greek Fresh flower
33 Anastacia Girl Greek Variant of anastasia-reborn
34 Anastasia Girl Greek Resurrection
35 Anatola Girl Greek From the east
36 Andra Girl Greek Strong & courageous
37 Andrea Girl Greek Courageous
38 Andromeda Girl Greek Rescued
39 Anemone Girl Greek Breath
40 Angel Girl Greek Angelic
41 Angela Girl Greek Angel, messenger
42 Anneliese Girl Greek Consecrated and gracious
43 Anstice Girl Greek One who will rise again
44 Anthea Girl Greek Flowerlike
45 Antonia Girl Greek Praiseworthy
46 Aphrodite Girl Greek Goddess of love
47 Aqua Girl Greek Of the water
48 Aradia Girl Greek Goddess of witches
49 Ardelis Girl Greek Industrious
50 Aretha Girl Greek Virtuous
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