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Are you looking for English girl Names Starting With Letter P? If Yes, then you have reached at right place because this page has a collection of English girl Names Starting With Letter P. Here we have listed all beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon, modern, most popular, awesome and easy to pronounce English girl Names Starting With Letter P with name meaning so that you can easily choose right name for your new born baby as per name meaning. You can also share this page with your friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twiiter. They can also help you to choose right English girl Names Starting With Letter P for your new born baby.

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Page Girl English Youthful assistant Page.com
2 Paley Girl English From the name paul Paley.com
3 Palmer Girl English Palm bearer, peacemaker Palmer.com
4 Paprika Girl English Spice Paprika.com
5 Parker Girl English Park keeper Parker.com
6 Parley Girl English To speak Parley.com
7 Parson Girl English Minister, clergy Parson.com
8 Patience Girl English From the virtue Patience.com
9 Pax Girl English Peaceful Pax.com
10 Payton Girl English Village of the warrior Payton.com
11 Peace Girl English Peaceful Peace.com
12 Pelham Girl English Town of fur skin Pelham.com
13 Pembroke Girl English A broken hill Pembroke.com
14 Penn Girl English Corral Penn.com
15 Petunia Girl English Of the petunia flower Petunia.com
16 Peyton Girl English Village of the warrior Peyton.com
17 Philberta Girl English Brilliant Philberta.com
18 Piper Girl English Flute player Piper.com
19 Piper Girl English Piper Piper.com
20 Pipere Girl English Piper Pipere.com
21 Pippa Girl English Lover of horses Pippa.com
22 Poppy Girl English Flower Poppy.com
23 Posy Girl English Small flower Posy.com
24 Prentice Girl English Beginner, learning Prentice.com
25 Presley Girl English Priest's land Presley.com
26 Preston Girl English Priest's town Preston.com
27 Princess Girl English Royal daughter Princess.com
28 Prisca Girl English Ancient, old Prisca.com
29 Promyse Girl English Variant of Promise. A vow. Promyse.com
30 Prudence Girl English Cautious, intelligent Prudence.com
31 Prue Girl English Form of prudence Prue.com
32 Purity Girl English Unsullied, clean Purity.com
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