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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Haak Girl Sikh Honest,pervading, orderly
2 Haast Girl Sikh Elephant
3 Hamara Girl Sikh Our
4 Hamir Girl Sikh Wise
5 Hamray Girl Sikh Belonging to us
6 Hansa Girl Sikh Life, jivan, soul, gurmukh
7 Hansra Girl Sikh Na
8 Har Girl Sikh God
9 Haranoop Girl Sikh The perfect god
10 Harbeer Girl Sikh Warrior of god
11 Harbin Girl Sikh Courageous like god
12 Harbinder Girl Sikh Absorbed in god
13 Hardial Girl Sikh One on whom there is god's gracem
14 Harendra Girl Sikh Lord shiva
15 Hargun Girl Sikh One having godly merits
16 Harinder Girl Sikh Lord shiva
17 Haripreet Girl Sikh Beloved of god
18 Harisaroop Girl Sikh With an appearance like god
19 Harjeet Girl Sikh God's triumph, victor
20 Harjeevan Girl Sikh One who lives a god-oriented life
21 Harjinder Girl Sikh Life which has been granted by god
22 Harjit Girl Sikh Victorious through god's grace
23 Harjodh Girl Sikh Courageous like god
24 Harjot Girl Sikh God's light
25 Harkeerat Girl Sikh One who sings god's praises
26 Harkinder Girl Sikh Na
27 Harkirat Girl Sikh Praise of god
28 Harleen Girl Sikh One absorbed in the lord's love
29 Harmandar Girl Sikh House of god
30 Harmeet Girl Sikh God's devotee, beloved friend
31 Harmehar Girl Sikh God's grace
32 Harneet Girl Sikh Ba
33 Harnek Girl Sikh God's noble person
34 Harpreet Girl Sikh One who loves god
35 Harsimran Girl Sikh Remembering god
36 Harsukh Girl Sikh Peaceful through dwelling on god
37 Harta Girl Sikh Preserver
38 Hartej Girl Sikh Radiance of god
39 Hasan Girl Sikh Laughing, laughter
40 Heera Girl Sikh An exalted person, diamond-like
41 Hema Girl Sikh Gold
42 Hema Girl Sikh Gold
43 Herho Girl Sikh God-like
44 Hirdai Girl Sikh Heart
45 Hohu Girl Sikh Become
46 Hoojoe Girl Sikh Guard
47 Huk Girl Sikh Honest,pervading, orderly
48 Hukmee Girl Sikh Commander, the one with authority (god)
49 Hukmi Girl Sikh Commander, the one with authority (god)
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