Greek girl Names Starting With Letter T

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Tabitha Girl Greek Gazelle
2 Talia Girl Greek Blooming
3 Tamesis Girl Greek Goddess of the river
4 Tanith Girl Greek Goddess of love
5 Tannis Girl Greek Hide tanner
6 Tasha Girl Greek Born on christmas
7 Teigra Girl Greek Tiger
8 Tekla Girl Greek Devine fame
9 Telly Girl Greek Wise, best
10 Telma Girl Greek Ambitious
11 Terri Girl Greek Harvester
12 Tessa Girl Greek Gatherer
13 Thady Girl Greek Praise
14 Thais Girl Greek The bond
15 Thalassa Girl Greek The sea
16 Thalia Girl Greek Joyful
17 Thea Girl Greek Gift of god
18 Thelma Girl Greek Ambitious
19 Theodora Girl Greek Gift of god
20 Theola Girl Greek Divine
21 Theophilia Girl Greek Loved divinely
22 Thera Girl Greek Harvester; reaper
23 Theresa Girl Greek Harvester
24 Theresia Girl Greek City in ancient greece
25 Theron Girl Greek Hunter
26 Theta Girl Greek Greek letter
27 Thetis Girl Greek Mythical creature
28 Thina Girl Greek Wise
29 Thisbe Girl Greek Lover
30 Thyra Girl Greek A window or goddess of dawn
31 Tiana Girl Greek Princess
32 Tiffany Girl Greek Three, the trinity
33 Tina Girl Greek Short for names ending in tine
34 Titania Girl Greek Land of giants
35 Tomai Girl Greek Honoring thomas
36 Triana Girl Greek Pure
37 Trina Girl Greek Pure
38 Tryna Girl Greek Third
39 Tryphena Girl Greek Delicate
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