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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Haabeel Boy Muslim-Islamic Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam (Adam) Book
2 Haadee Boy Muslim-Islamic The guide Book
3 Haadi Boy Muslim-Islamic A director, a leader, a guide. Book
4 Haadii Boy Muslim-Islamic Example, Leader Book
5 Haady Boy Arabic Guiding to the right Book
6 Haady Boy Muslim-Islamic Guiding to the right Book
7 Haafiz Boy Muslim-Islamic Title of a man who has memorized the whole Quran, guardian, protector, attribute of Allah. Book
8 Haail Boy Muslim-Islamic Scary, Big, Great Book
9 Haaiz Boy Muslim-Islamic Haaiz is an Arabic name for boys that means acquirer, getter. Book
10 Haaji Boy Muslim-Islamic A person that had done the Hajj Book
11 Haajib Boy Muslim-Islamic Doorkeeper, chamberlain, eyebrow. Book
12 Haajid Boy Muslim-Islamic Doing Tahajjud prayer Book
13 Haalim Boy Muslim-Islamic Grown up. Book
14 Haami Boy Muslim-Islamic A protector, a patron, helper, supporter, defender. Book
15 Haamid Boy Arabic Loving (god) Book
16 Haamid Boy African Grateful Book
17 Haamid Boy Muslim-Islamic One who praises Allah ,Loving (god), Praiser (of Allah) Book
18 Haani Boy Arabic Happy; delighted; content Book
19 Haanii Boy Muslim-Islamic Happy Book
20 Haaris Boy Muslim-Islamic Planter, Ploughman, friend Book
21 Haarisah Boy Muslim-Islamic Guard, protector. Book
22 Haarith Boy Arabic Plowman; old arabic name Book
23 Haarith Boy Muslim-Islamic Plowman, Old Arabic name Book
24 Haaroon Boy Arabic A prophet's name Book
25 Haaroon Boy Muslim-Islamic Name of the prophet of Allah, his English equivalent is Aaron. Book
26 Haarun Boy Muslim-Islamic Lofty, hope, a prophet's name Book
27 Haashim Boy Arabic Generosity; prophet's grandfather Book
28 Haashim Boy Muslim-Islamic Generosity, prophet's (pbuh) grandfather, Old Arabic name Book
29 Haashir Boy Muslim-Islamic Gatherer Book
30 Haasyim Boy Muslim-Islamic Generous, Attacker Book
31 Haatib Boy Muslim-Islamic A person who collects wood, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr, He was the messenger of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of Egypt. Book
32 Haatim Boy Arabic Judge Book
33 Haatim Boy Muslim-Islamic Judge Book
34 Haayi Boy Muslim-Islamic Haayi is an Arabic name for boys that means modest, bashful. Book
35 Haazim Boy Muslim-Islamic Precautious, Name of a Sahabi. Book
36 Haaziq Boy Muslim-Islamic Intelligent, Skillfull Book
37 Habab Boy Muslim-Islamic Aim, goal, end. Book
38 Habash Boy Muslim-Islamic Guinea hen, Guinea fowl,, turkey, A tabaee (successor of the companions) was so named. Book
39 Habbab Boy Arabic Gentle, polite Book
40 Habbab Boy Muslim-Islamic Affable, lovable, Gentle, polite Book
41 Habban Boy Muslim-Islamic Habban is an Arabic name for boys that means loving, affectionate. Book
42 Habeeb Boy Arabic Friend Book
43 Habeeb Boy Muslim-Islamic Friend, beloved Book
44 Habeebullah Boy Muslim-Islamic Beloved of Allah Book
45 Habeel Boy Muslim-Islamic Name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS, his sacrifice wias accepted by Allah but that of Qabeel, his brother rejected. Book
46 Haben Boy African Pride Book
47 Habib Boy African Beloved Book
48 Habib Boy Arabic Beloved one Book
49 Habib Boy Hebrew Dearly loved Book
50 Habib Boy Muslim-Islamic Beloved, dear, friend, Love, Dear. Book
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