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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Chann Boy Irish young wolf.
2 Fagan Boy Irish Little fiery one
3 Brone Boy Irish Sorrowful
4 Aralt Boy Irish Leader
5 Tally Boy Irish Surname.
6 Ungus Boy Irish One vigor
7 Fay Boy Irish Raven
8 ArIyn Boy Irish Pledge
9 Kagan Boy Irish A thinker: fiery. Form of Hugh.
10 Tully Boy Irish Peaceful. Surname.
11 Cony Boy Irish Variant of Corey Hill hollow.
12 Garve Boy Irish Rough: rugged.
13 Donny Boy Irish World leader
14 Tor Boy Irish Variant of Torrence From the craggy hills. Tor is a name for a craggy hilltop and also may refer to a watchtower.
15 Hal Boy Irish Chief
16 Baird Boy Irish Bard
17 Danny Boy Irish Derives from daniel
18 Meade Boy Irish Honey wine or meadow.
19 Foley Boy Irish Plunders
20 Colla Boy Irish An ancient Irish name whos meaning is lost in antiquety
21 Art Boy Irish Noble bear
22 Dwane Boy Irish Dark.
23 Cowyn Boy Irish Twin
24 Mundy Boy Irish From Reamon
25 Kyle Boy Irish A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church.
26 Finn Boy Irish Fair. Mythology: Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were named Finians.
27 Tighe Boy Irish Handsome. Variant of Teague.
28 Druce Boy Irish Druid, wise man
29 Cein Boy Irish Archaic
30 Conan Boy Irish Hound.
31 Gaile Boy Irish Stranger
32 Odell Boy Irish Surname.
33 Doyle Boy Irish Dark foreigner
34 Keir Boy Irish Dusky: dark-haired. Actor Keir Dullea.
35 Rowyn Boy Irish Red haired
36 Lee Boy Irish Poetic
37 Kiley Boy Irish A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church.
38 Toryn Boy Irish Chief
39 Fionn Boy Irish Handsome
40 Glenn Boy Irish Derives from glen
41 Shawn Boy Irish Derives from john
42 Aeary Boy Irish Scholar
43 Burne Boy Irish Bear: brown.
44 Kasey Boy Irish Alert: vigorous. Form of Casey.
45 Felan Boy Irish Wolf
46 Dylen Boy Irish Uniter
47 Dal Boy Irish Variant of Dallin blind.
48 Gael Boy Irish Stranger
49 Euan Boy Irish Possibly a variant of John.
50 Shay Boy Irish Variant of Shea courteous. Surname.
51 Calum Boy Irish Dove
52 Daeg Boy Irish Black-haired.
53 Renny Boy Irish Mighty
54 Lynch Boy Irish Mariner
55 FIynn Boy Irish Ruddy
56 Duane Boy Irish Wagon maker
57 Kevin Boy Irish Handsome child. Name of a famous Irish hermit-saint. Kevin is the most popular of many spellings.
58 Edan Boy Irish Full of fire
59 Kye Boy Irish A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church.
60 Dary Boy Irish Wealthy
61 Nolen Boy Irish Well known- high born
62 Torin Boy Irish Chief
63 Murry Boy Irish Lord of the sea
64 Ruarc Boy Irish Famous ruler
65 Bowie Boy Irish Yellow haired
66 Kile Boy Irish A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church.
67 Dwyer Boy Irish Black
68 Rafer Boy Irish Wealthy
69 Conor Boy Irish Much wanted
70 Shai Boy Irish Variant of Shea courteous.
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