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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Curry Boy Irish A marsh or an herb
2 Leary Boy Irish Cattle keeper
3 Rorke Boy Irish Famous ruler
4 Keven Boy Irish Handsome child. Variant of Kevin.
5 Kerry Boy Irish From county Kerry
6 Tadhg Boy Irish Poet, philosopher
7 Eames Boy Irish Prosperous protector. Variant of Edmund.
8 Berke Boy Irish The birch tree meadow. Also see Barclay and Burke.
9 Lalor Boy Irish Leper
10 Hal Boy Irish Chief
11 Tier Boy Irish Regal
12 Cori Boy Irish From the round hill
13 Ian Boy Irish God is gracious
14 Gale Boy Irish A stranger
15 Kenan Boy Irish Archaic
16 Forba Boy Irish Owns the fields
17 Cein Boy Irish Archaic
18 Conan Boy Irish Wise
19 Cowen Boy Irish Twin
20 Mundy Boy Irish From Reamon
21 Naal Boy Irish Name of a saint
22 Cullo Boy Irish Hound of Ulster
23 Dalon Boy Irish Variant of Dallin blind.
24 Blar Boy Irish From the fields
25 Sun Boy Irish From the town by the river Boyn
26 Slone Boy Irish Warrior
27 Egan Boy Irish Fiery: forceful.
28 Cace Boy Irish Variant of Casey Alert: vigorous.
29 Gil Boy Irish Serves Christ
30 Tor Boy Irish Variant of Torrence From the craggy hills. Tor is a name for a craggy hilltop and also may refer to a watchtower.
31 Dow Boy Irish Black haired
32 Bary Boy Irish Marksman
33 Mahon Boy Irish Bear
34 Evan Boy Irish Young warrior
35 Amery Boy Irish Ridge: long hill
36 Sloan Boy Irish Warrior
37 Enda Boy Irish Name of a saint
38 Molan Boy Irish Servant of the storm
39 Finn Boy Irish Blond haired
40 Mitch Boy Irish Form of Michael Who is like God?
41 O' Boy Irish Descendent of. Irish surnames formed by prefacing O'. O'.com
42 FIynn Boy Irish Ruddy
43 Alan Boy Irish Handsome
44 Ungus Boy Irish One vigor
45 Blian Boy Irish Thin
46 Ruark Boy Irish Famous ruler
47 Liam Boy Irish Unwavering protector
48 Kevis Boy Irish Handsome child. Variant of Kevin.
49 Brody Boy Irish From the muddy place. Surname.
50 Shaun Boy Irish God's gift
51 Farry Boy Irish Manly
52 Haley Boy Irish Ingenious
53 Mogue Boy Irish Name of a saint
54 Alhan Boy Irish Pale
55 Elvin Boy Irish Friend of elves
56 Daric Boy Irish Strong: oak-hearted. See also Derek.
57 Tadhg Boy Irish Bard
58 Shann Boy Irish Variant of Shaun from John.
59 Rian Boy Irish Little king
60 Dowan Boy Irish Black
61 Kenny Boy Irish Handsome
62 Odell Boy Irish Surname.
63 Shea Boy Irish Majestic
64 Bowie Boy Irish Surname.
65 Flynn Boy Irish Red haired son
66 Miles Boy Irish Servant
67 Gorry Boy Irish Peace from God
68 Coman Boy Irish Bent
69 Cony Boy Irish Variant of Corey Hill hollow.
70 Abban Boy Irish Abbot
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