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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Grady Boy Irish Noble
2 Cael Boy Irish Victorious people
3 Conal Boy Irish High: mighty.
4 Dal Boy Irish Variant of Dallin blind.
5 Darin Boy Irish Precious present
6 Cuinn Boy Irish Intelligent
7 Ungus Boy Irish One vigor
8 Torey Boy Irish From the craggy hills.
9 Cory Boy Irish From the round hill
10 Angus Boy Irish Unique strength
11 Riley Boy Irish Valiant
12 Cowen Boy Irish Twin
13 Art Boy Irish Noble bear
14 Kyler Boy Irish A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church.
15 Nevyn Boy Irish Holy
16 Tully Boy Irish Peaceful. Surname.
17 Gael Boy Irish Stranger
18 Kevis Boy Irish Handsome child. Variant of Kevin.
19 Daric Boy Irish Strong: oak-hearted. See also Derek.
20 Danny Boy Irish Derives from daniel
21 Kian Boy Irish Archaic
22 Maher Boy Irish Generous
23 Miles Boy Irish Servant
24 Finn Boy Irish Blond haired
25 Bain Boy Irish Fair bridge
26 Dugan Boy Irish Dark-colored
27 Duane Boy Irish Wagon maker
28 Rian Boy Irish Kingly.
29 Tag Boy Irish Handsome. Variant of Teague.
30 Cowyn Boy Irish Twin
31 Ross Boy Irish Peninsula
32 Barry Boy Irish Fair-haired.
33 Curry Boy Irish A marsh or an herb
34 Darby Boy Irish Free
35 Sean Boy Irish Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.
36 Merv Boy Irish Loves the sea
37 Fahy Boy Irish From the green field
38 Egan Boy Irish Fiery: forceful.
39 Kyran Boy Irish Dark
40 Cahir Boy Irish Wamor
41 Colla Boy Irish An ancient Irish name whos meaning is lost in antiquety
42 Tevin Boy Irish Variant of the word teeve hillside.
43 Shaun Boy Irish God's gift
44 Colum Boy Irish Dove
45 Eman Boy Irish Irish form of Emest serious
46 Breen Boy Irish Sadness
47 Slone Boy Irish Warrior
48 Kael Boy Irish Mighty warrior
49 Nevan Boy Irish Holy
50 Banan Boy Irish White
51 Uaid Boy Irish Irish form of Walter
52 Artan Boy Irish Little bear
53 Corey Boy Irish From the round hill or hollow.
54 Torin Boy Irish Chief: Variant of Torrence From the craggy hills. Tor is a name for a craggy hilltop and also may refer to a watchtower.
55 Damon Boy Irish Tame
56 Dagen Boy Irish Black-haired.
57 Erc Boy Irish Red
58 Cavan Boy Irish From Cavan
59 Iain Boy Irish God is gracious
60 Dylen Boy Irish Uniter
61 Fagan Boy Irish Little Hugh
62 Liam Boy Irish Unwavering protector
63 Codey Boy Irish Helpful.
64 Keane Boy Irish Ancient.
65 Riley Boy Irish Rye. Form of Ryley. Surname.
66 Eamon Boy Irish Guardian
67 Alhan Boy Irish Pale
68 Kasey Boy Irish Alert: vigorous. Form of Casey.
69 Euan Boy Irish Possibly a variant of John.
70 Mago Boy Irish Great
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