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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ya akove Girl Hebrew Replaces Ya
2 Ya el Girl Hebrew Goat Ya
3 Yaameen Girl Muslim-Islamic Blessed, auspicious.
4 Yaamin Girl Muslim-Islamic Blessed, auspicious.
5 Yaani Girl Muslim-Islamic Ripe, Scarlet
6 Yaasmeen Girl Muslim-Islamic A sweet-smelling flower called jasmin.
7 Yachana Girl Bengali Pleading
8 Yachana Girl Indian-Hindu Pleading
9 Yachi Girl Japanese Eight thousand
10 Yachna Girl Bengali Pleading
11 Yachne Girl Hebrew Kind
12 Yadavi Girl Bengali Goddess durga
13 Yadavi Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess durga
14 Yadhana Girl Bengali Smile
15 Yadita Girl Bengali Lord of night
16 Yadleen Girl Sikh Engrossed in god's remembrance
17 Yadra Girl Spanish Mother
18 Yael Girl Hebrew Strength of god
19 Yaelis Girl Spanish Combination of Joel and Yoseline. Meaning: strength of God: happy, joyful, celestial.
20 Yaffa Girl Hebrew Beautiful
21 Yaffit Girl Hebrew Beautiful
22 Yafiah Girl Arabic High
23 Yafiah Girl Muslim-Islamic High, youthful
24 Yafita Girl Muslim-Islamic Savior.
25 Yagana Girl Muslim-Islamic Yagana is a Persian name for girls that means unique, peerless.
26 Yagavi Girl Bengali Bright
27 Yagnitha Girl Bengali Worship
28 Yagnya Girl Bengali Ceremonial rites to god
29 Yagyaseni Girl Bengali Draupadi
30 Yahvi Girl Indian-Hindu Heaven; earth
31 Yahvi Girl Bengali Heaven, earth
32 Yair Girl Hebrew God will teach
33 Yakini Girl African Truth
34 Yakootah Girl Bengali Emerald
35 Yakootah Girl Bengali Emerald
36 Yakootah Girl Muslim-Islamic Emerald
37 Yaksha Girl Indian-Hindu Sister Of Daksha
38 Yakshita Girl Bengali Wonder girl
39 Yaksini Girl Bengali Another wife of kuberas wife
40 Yakta Girl Muslim-Islamic Unique, incomparable.
41 Yakta,yekta Girl Arabic Single,unique,matchless,incomparable Yakta,
42 Yale Girl English Mountain goat
43 Yalina Girl Muslim-Islamic Soft, gentle
44 Yalinee Girl Bengali Goddess saraswathi
45 Yalini Girl Bengali Melodious
46 Yalisai Girl Bengali Melodious
47 Yalissa Girl Hebrew A beautifull flower.
48 Yalqoot Girl Muslim-Islamic An early philanthropic woman of Damascus who gave much in charity.
49 Yama Girl Japanese Mountain
50 Yamaamah Girl Muslim-Islamic Intention, Design, Maiden who could see a person at a distance of three days
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