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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Raananah Girl Hebrew Unspoiled Raananah.com
2 Rabah Girl Hebrew Fourth born Rabah.com
3 Rachael Girl Hebrew Innocent lamb Rachael.com
4 Rachael Girl Hebrew Variant of Rachel, Innocent Lamb Rachael.com
5 Rachel Girl Hebrew Innocent lamb Rachel.com
6 Rachel Girl Hebrew Ewe Rachel.com
7 Rachele Girl Hebrew Ewe Rachele.com
8 Raechel Girl Hebrew Innocent lamb Raechel.com
9 Rafela Girl Hebrew Healer Rafela.com
10 Rahab Girl Hebrew N/a Rahab.com
11 Rahil Girl Hebrew Innocent Rahil.com
12 Raizel Girl Hebrew Rose Raizel.com
13 Rakel Girl Hebrew Ewe Rakel.com
14 Ranica Girl Hebrew Lovely tune Ranica.com
15 Ranice Girl Hebrew Lovely tune Ranice.com
16 Ranit Girl Hebrew Song Ranit.com
17 Ranit Girl Hebrew Lovely tune Ranit.com
18 Ranita Girl Hebrew Lovely tune Ranita.com
19 Raonaid Girl Hebrew Innocent Raonaid.com
20 Raphaela Girl Hebrew Fem. a form of raphael Raphaela.com
21 Raphaella Girl Hebrew Healer Raphaella.com
22 Raquel Girl Hebrew Innocent Raquel.com
23 Razi Girl Hebrew Secret Razi.com
24 Reba Girl Hebrew Derived from rebecca Reba.com
25 Reba Girl Hebrew Fourth born Reba.com
26 Rebecca Girl Hebrew Servant of god Rebecca.com
27 Rebecca Girl Hebrew Captivating Rebecca.com
28 Rebecka Girl Hebrew Captivating. Rebecka.com
29 Rebekah Girl Hebrew Bound Rebekah.com
30 Rebekah Girl Hebrew Captivating Rebekah.com
31 Rebekkah Girl Hebrew To tie or bind Rebekkah.com
32 Rena Girl Hebrew Joy Rena.com
33 Rena Girl Hebrew Joyous song Rena.com
34 Reuel Girl Hebrew Friend of god Reuel.com
35 Reveka Girl Hebrew Captivating Reveka.com
36 Rimona Girl Hebrew Pomegranate Rimona.com
37 Rimona Girl Hebrew Pomegranate Rimona.com
38 Rina Girl Hebrew Joyous song Rina.com
39 Rinat Girl Hebrew Happiness, melody. Rinat.com
40 Rinna Girl Hebrew Joyous song Rinna.com
41 Rinnah Girl Hebrew Joyous song Rinnah.com
42 Riva Girl Hebrew Bound, riverbank Riva.com
43 Rivka Girl Hebrew Servant of god Rivka.com
44 Rivka Girl Hebrew Captivating Rivka.com
45 Rona Girl Hebrew My joy Rona.com
46 Ronia Girl Hebrew My joy Ronia.com
47 Ronli Girl Hebrew Joy is mine Ronli.com
48 Ronli Girl Hebrew My joy Ronli.com
49 Ronni Girl Hebrew From ronli - joyful Ronni.com
50 Rosana Girl Hebrew Graceful rose Rosana.com
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