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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Jagroop Girl Sikh Embodiment of the world
2 Jagvinder Girl Sikh Glory of the creation
3 Jaimal Girl Sikh Glory with the union of god
4 Jaipreet Girl Sikh The victory of love
5 Jangjeet Girl Sikh One who conquers the battlefield of the mind
6 Japjot Girl Sikh One awakening in the light of meditation
7 Japleen Girl Sikh Absorbed in god's remembrance
8 Jasdeep Girl Sikh The lamp radiating god's glories
9 Jashar Girl Sikh Na
10 Jaskaran Girl Sikh One who sings praises of the lord
11 Jaskeerat Girl Sikh One who sings praises of the lord
12 Jaskirit Girl Sikh Sing god's praises or glory
13 Jasleen Girl Sikh Absorbed in singing god's praises
14 Jasmeh Girl Sikh Absorbed in praising god
15 Jasminder Girl Sikh Lord of glory
16 Jasmine Girl Sikh Name of a flower
17 Jaspinder Girl Sikh Na
18 Jaspreet Girl Sikh One who loves to sing praises of the lord
19 Jasveer Girl Sikh A brave one who sings god's praises
20 Jasvinder Girl Sikh Lord's glory or praise
21 Jatinder Girl Sikh One who has conquered the five evils
22 Jessa Girl Sikh Na
23 Joban Girl Sikh Youth
24 Jobandeep Girl Sikh Young ray of hope
25 Jodhdeep Girl Sikh Brave warrior, having a warrior's soul
26 Jogindar Girl Sikh Establishing union with god
27 Jot Girl Sikh Light
28 Joti Girl Sikh Flame
29 Jugad/jugaad Girl Sikh Throughout the ages (reference to time) Jugad/
30 Jujhar Girl Sikh The tenacious warrior
31 Jyoti Girl Sikh Flame
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