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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Abelard Boy German Resolute, keeper of the abbey larder
2 Abelard Boy German Resolute
3 Adal Boy German Noble
4 Adalard Boy German Brave
5 Adalbert Boy German Intelligent or noble
6 Adalgar Boy German Noble spearman
7 Adalhard Boy German Brave
8 Adalric Boy German Noble friend
9 Adalrik Boy German Noble friend
10 Adalwen Boy German Noble friend
11 Adalwin Boy German Noble friend
12 Adalwine Boy German Noble friend
13 Adalwolf Boy German Noble wolf
14 Adel Boy German Noble
15 Adelbert Boy German Intelligent or noble
16 Adelhard Boy German Resolute
17 Adlar Boy German Eagle
18 Adler Boy German Eagle
19 Adler Boy German An eagle.
20 Adne Boy German Eagle
21 Adolf Boy German Noble wolf
22 Adolfo Boy German Noble wolf.
23 Adolph Boy German Wolf
24 Adolph Boy German Noble wolf
25 Adolphus Boy German Noble wolf.
26 Agustine Boy German Majestic dignity: grandeur.
27 Ahren Boy German Eagle
28 Ailbe Boy German Intelligent or noble
29 Aksel Boy German Father of peace
30 Al Boy German Derived from albert
31 Alaric Boy German He who rules
32 Alaric Boy German Noble leader
33 Alarick Boy German Noble leader
34 Alarik Boy German Noble leader
35 Albert Boy German Noble, bright
36 Albert Boy German Intelligent or noble
37 Albrecht Boy German Intelligent or noble
38 Ald Boy German Old or wise
39 Alder Boy German Alder tree
40 Aldo Boy German Old or wise
41 Aldrik Boy German Noble friend
42 Alfonso Boy German Ready
43 Alger Boy German Noble spearman
44 Alhmanic Boy German Divine
45 Alhsom Boy German Sacred fame
46 Alhwin Boy German Noble friend
47 Alois Boy German Famous warrior
48 Aloysius Boy German A warrior
49 Alphonse Boy German Eager, noble
50 Alphonso Boy German Ready
Page 1 of 19, Showing 50 of 924 Records

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