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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ianna Girl Irish Fem. form of ian
2 Ianna Girl Celtic-Gaelic Fem. a form of ian
3 Ianthe Girl Greek Violet, colored flower
4 Iba Girl Muslim-Islamic Pride, sense, disdain.
5 Ibadaat Girl Muslim-Islamic Ibadaat is an Arabic name for girls that means acts of worship, good deeds.
6 Ibadah Girl Muslim-Islamic Worship
7 Ibadat Girl Muslim-Islamic Worship.
8 Ibbani Girl Bengali Honey dow
9 Ibernia Girl Irish From Ireland
10 Ibha Girl Bengali Elephant
11 Ibhar Girl Muslim-Islamic Ibhar is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means breadth, graciousness, open like the ocean. It also means navigation and sailing in the ocean. It is derived from the B-H6-R root (ocean), which is used dozens of times in the Quran.
12 Iblis Girl Arthurian Legend Wife of Lancelot
13 Ibrah Girl Muslim-Islamic Wisdom, advice
14 Ibrat Girl Muslim-Islamic Ibrat is a direct Quranic name for girls. It is an alternate way of saying the name Ebrah and has the same meaning and pronunciation, except that the t at the end is pronounced for Ibrat.
15 Ibreez Girl Muslim-Islamic Gold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral
16 Ibrisami Girl Muslim-Islamic Silken.
17 Ibtesam Girl Arabic Smiling
18 Ibtesam Girl Persian Smiling
19 Ibthaj Girl Muslim-Islamic Joy
20 Ibtihaaj Girl Arabic Joy
21 Ibtihaaj Girl Bengali Joy
22 Ibtihaj Girl Arabic Joy
23 Ibtihal Girl Muslim-Islamic Ibtihal is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means supplication, humble prayer.
24 Ibtihl Girl Muslim-Islamic Supplication. Prayer
25 Ibtisama Girl Muslim-Islamic Smiling, Smile.
26 Ichha Girl Bengali Desire,wish
27 Ichhamayi Girl Bengali An epithet of the
28 Ida Girl German Hardworking
29 Ida Girl Irish Thirsty
30 Ida Girl German Active
31 Ida Girl English Diligent. A Greek mythological nymph who cared for the infant Zeus on Mt. Ida.
32 Idai Girl Bengali Awakening, love
33 Idaia Girl German Active
34 Idalee Girl American From ida and lee
35 Idalia Girl American From idalee
36 Idalie Girl German Active
37 Idana Girl American From ida & anna
38 Idania Girl Slavic Hardworking, prosperous
39 Idaya Girl Bengali Heart
40 Ide Girl Irish Thirst
41 Ide Girl Celtic-Gaelic Thirst
42 Ide Girl Irish Thirsty
43 Idelisa Girl Celtic Bountiful.
44 Idelle Girl Celtic Bountiful.
45 Iden Girl English Prosperous
46 Idetta Girl German Hard working
47 Idette Girl German Hard working
48 Idha Girl Indian-Hindu Insight
49 Idhaya Girl Bengali Heart, goddess parvati
50 Idhika Girl Bengali Another name for parvathi
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