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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ra Girl English Doe
2 Ra'eesah Girl Arabic Leader, princess, noble, a wealthy lady Ra'
3 Ra'idah Girl Arabic Leader Ra'
4 Ra'naa Girl Arabic Lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate Ra'
5 Raabia Girl Muslim-Islamic Name of Residing peacefully, Name of a Sahabiyyah(RA), Name of a saint who is known as Rabiah Basriyyah.
6 Raabiah Girl Muslim-Islamic A bounding in green foliage. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
7 Raabitah Girl Muslim-Islamic Connection
8 Raafiah Girl Muslim-Islamic High, exalted, wealthy.
9 Raaga Girl Bengali Belongs to music terms
10 Raagavi Girl Bengali Sings with raaga
11 Raagini Girl Bengali A melody, music
12 Raahi Girl Bengali Traveller
13 Raahilah Girl Muslim-Islamic A travelling woman.
14 Raahima Girl Muslim-Islamic Merciful, Compassionate, Pitying
15 Raaida Girl Bengali Leader
16 Raaida Girl Arabic Leader
17 Raaida Girl Muslim-Islamic Leader, pioneer.
18 Raaina Girl Muslim-Islamic Beautiful princess, pretty priness.
19 Raakhi, Rakhi Girl Indian-Hindu Symbol Of Protection Raakhi,
20 Raakiba Girl Muslim-Islamic Horse rider
21 Raakin Girl Bengali Respectful
22 Raameen Girl Muslim-Islamic Obedient
23 Raana Girl Muslim-Islamic Of elegant, statue, soft, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate.
24 Raananah Girl Hebrew Unspoiled
25 Raani Girl Muslim-Islamic (Urdu) A queen.
26 Raashida Girl Muslim-Islamic Rightly guided, Having the true faith
27 Raashidah Girl Muslim-Islamic Pious, follower of the right path.
28 Raawiya Girl Arabic Transmitter (of ancient arabic poetry)
29 Raawiya Girl Muslim-Islamic Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
30 Raazia Girl Muslim-Islamic Pleased, Satisfied, Willing
31 Raaziyah Girl Muslim-Islamic (Raadiyah) Agreed, willing, satisfied, pleased.
32 Rabaa Girl Muslim-Islamic Rabaa is an Arabic name for girls that means grace, kindness, favor.
33 Rabab Girl Arabic White cloud
34 Rabab Girl Muslim-Islamic White cloud in the sky, Usually two-stringed instrument.
35 Rabah Girl Hebrew Fourth born
36 Rabail Girl Muslim-Islamic A veil of flowers
37 Rabbab Girl Muslim-Islamic A musical instrument
38 Rabbiya Girl Muslim-Islamic Cool breeze of spring season
39 Rabeea Girl Arabic Garden
40 Rabeea Girl Muslim-Islamic Spring time, garden, One who is well-versed.
41 Rabeeah Girl Muslim-Islamic A bounding in green foliage.
42 Rabeeba Girl Muslim-Islamic Queen. Rabeeba is an Arabic name for girls that means queen, one who is under oath, one who has given a promise.It also mean step-daughter. Many Arabic names have multiple different meanings. You can choose a name for its good meaning and ignore the meani
43 Rabeehah Girl Muslim-Islamic Rabeehah is an Arabic name for girls that means winner.
44 Rabhya Girl Indian-Hindu Worshipped
45 Rabi'ah Girl Arabic Garden, springtime Rabi'
46 Rabia Girl African Spring
47 Rabia Girl Muslim-Islamic Spring, Spring time, The fourth. Rabia Basri, name of a saint who lived in Basrah, Fem. of Rabi.
48 Rabiah Girl Arabic Garden, springtime
49 Rabiah Girl Muslim-Islamic Garden, springtime
50 Rabiha Girl Muslim-Islamic Winner, gainer, fem. Rabih.
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