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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Dezso Boy Hungarian Desired
2 Dorjan Boy Hungarian Dark man
3 Ervin Boy Hungarian Friend of the sea
4 Farkas Boy Hungarian Wolf
5 Gellert Boy Hungarian Powerful soldier
6 Gyala Boy Hungarian Youth
7 Gyula Boy Hungarian Youth
8 Ince Boy Hungarian Innocent
9 Lajos Boy Hungarian Famous holy man
10 Laszlo Boy Hungarian God will help
11 Lazar Boy Hungarian God will help
12 Mihaly Boy Hungarian Who is like god?
13 Odon Boy Hungarian Wealthy protector
14 Odön Boy Hungarian Keeper of the fief Odö
15 Oguz Boy Hungarian Arrow
16 Rendor Boy Hungarian Police officer
17 Taber Boy Hungarian From the trenches
18 Taksony Boy Hungarian Well fed, content, merciless
19 Tamas Boy Hungarian Twin
20 Tass Boy Hungarian Mythological name
21 Tibor Boy Hungarian Holy place
22 Vidor Boy Hungarian Happy
23 Zajzon Boy Hungarian N/a
24 Zalán Boy Hungarian Thrower, hitter Zalá
25 Zámor Boy Hungarian Plough-land Zá
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