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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Saach Girl Sikh True
2 Saaj Girl Sikh To form
3 Sabar Girl Sikh Patience
4 Sabooree Girl Sikh Contentment
5 Sach Girl Sikh True
6 Sachkeerat Girl Sikh Singing the praises of god
7 Sachleen Girl Sikh The one absorbed in truth, in god
8 Sachman Girl Sikh True at heart
9 Sachpreet Girl Sikh The true love, the love of god
10 Sadhika Girl Sikh Tolerance
11 Saihaj Girl Sikh Peaceful and equipoised person
12 Saihajleen Girl Sikh Absorbed in peace and bliss
13 Samaae Girl Sikh Reside, pervad
14 Samarjit Girl Sikh One who wins the war
15 Samoe Girl Sikh Reside, pervade
16 Sangita Girl Sikh Musical
17 Sanjit Girl Sikh Happy victory
18 Sanjog Girl Sikh Desitiny
19 Santo Girl Sikh Na
20 Santokh Girl Sikh Content, peaceful, and patient
21 Sarab Girl Sikh All, all pervading
22 Sarabjeet Girl Sikh Winning all
23 Sarabjit Girl Sikh Winning all
24 Sarabjot Girl Sikh All-pervading light
25 Sarableen Girl Sikh One who pervades in all
26 Sarabnam Girl Sikh The always present name of god
27 Saram Girl Sikh Modest
28 Sarina/surina Girl Sikh Na Sarina/
29 Sarminder Girl Sikh God of war
30 Sarna, Girl Sikh Sarnaa guru's sanctuary, protected Sarna,.com
31 Saroj Girl Sikh Lotus flower
32 Saroop Girl Sikh Beautiful, shapely
33 Satinder Girl Sikh The king of truth
34 Satkeerat Girl Sikh One who praises the true one
35 Satkiran Girl Sikh A ray of truth
36 Satleen Girl Sikh The one absorbed in truth, in god
37 Satpreet Girl Sikh The lover of the truth
38 Satsukh Girl Sikh The one in true bliss
39 Satvinder Girl Sikh True god
40 Savi Girl Sikh Na
41 Seanna Girl Sikh Wise
42 Seetal Girl Sikh Peaceful, calm, content
43 Semrarjit Girl Sikh Na
44 Serena Girl Sikh Supreme name
45 Shabad Girl Sikh The holy word
46 Shabadpreet Girl Sikh The one who loves the holy word
47 Shabeg Girl Sikh Na
48 Sharan Girl Sikh Taking the shelter of the guru
49 Sharanjeet Girl Sikh One who attains the guru's shelter
50 Siaana Girl Sikh Wise
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