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1 Janyd Boy English Variant of the French name Gervaise spearman.
2 Tyson Boy English Son of Tye Fiery.
3 Lion Boy English Lion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures: symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage.
4 Garr Boy English Spear
5 Ryman Boy English Rye merchant
6 Thane Boy English Follower
7 Paul Boy English Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Paul's letters to early Christians comprise many New Testament books.
8 Ryton Boy English Rygetun - from the rye farm
9 Dale Boy English Lives in the valley
10 Rysc Boy English Rush
11 Jayme Boy English Variant of Jacob Supplanter.
12 Chaz Boy English a man: variant of Carl.
13 Lynd Boy English Lives by the linden tree
14 Ashby Boy English From the ash tree farm
15 Earle Boy English Nobleman
16 Stock Boy English From the tree stump
17 Rock Boy English rock.
18 Alvis Boy English All-knowing.
19 Cleon Boy English From the cliff
20 Dixon Boy English Son of Dick
21 Sully Boy English From the south meadow
22 Kassi Boy English Contemporary abbreviation of Kassandra and other names that being with Kas-
23 Jaxon Boy English God has been gracious: has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques.
24 Cadby Boy English From the warrior's settlement
25 Shel Boy English Derived from sheldon
26 Beore Boy English Birch tree
27 Alton Boy English Old town
28 Orton Boy English From the shore farm
29 Doran Boy English Variant of Dorran stranger.
30 Ryley Boy English Island meadow.
31 Yates Boy English Lives by the gates
32 Wada Boy English Advancer
33 Garry Boy English Spear.
34 Shad Boy English Short form of the Biblical Shadrach: one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.
35 Codie Boy English A cushion
36 Tory Boy English From the craggy hills. Surname based on Tor: Torrence or Tower.
37 Grant Boy English Bestow or great: tall. The American General and president Ulysses S. Grant. Surname.
38 Watt Boy English Hurdle
39 Jeren Boy English Modern variant of Israeli Jaron cry of rejoicing.
40 Finn Boy English Blond
41 Tracy Boy English From Thracia. Surname dating from before the Norman conquest.
42 Hy Boy English Derived from hyman
43 Devon Boy English A county in England noted for beautiful farmland.
44 Rod Boy English Land near the water
45 Gene Boy English Born to nobility
46 Rigg Boy English Lives near the ridge
47 Bard Boy English Minstrel: a singer-poet.
48 Scott Boy English From Scotland: a Gael. Surname.
49 Kempe Boy English Warrior
50 Uptun Boy English From the upper farm
51 Maed Boy English From the meadow
52 Nicky Boy English Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of Nicholas.
53 Elden Boy English From the elves'valley From the old town. Surname.
54 Nygel Boy English Champion From the Irish and Scottish Niall.
55 Fox Boy English A fox
56 Mark Boy English Of Mars: the god of war. Form of Marcus. The Roman surname of John Mark who was missionary companion to Peter and Paul and writer of one of the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus.
57 Reave Boy English Steward
58 Bryan Boy English Popular variant of Brian.
59 Erwin Boy English Derived from irving
60 Rune Boy English A rune
61 Ewing Boy English Lawyer
62 Gerry Boy English Flexible: Abbreviation of names beginning with Ger-. See also Jerry.
63 Aeker Boy English From the oak tree
64 Orrik Boy English From the ancient oak tree
65 Trace Boy English From Thracia. Surname dating from before the Norman conquest.
66 Remo Boy English Abbreviation of Remington.
67 Corey Boy English Hill hollow.
68 Witt Boy English Wise
69 Lenny Boy English Abbreviation of Leonard.
70 Win Boy English Friend
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