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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 AIlison Girl Irish Honest
2 Abiageal Girl Irish Irish form of Abigail brings joy
3 Adan Girl Irish Little fire
4 Adara Girl Irish From the ford at the oak tree
5 Adeen Girl Irish Little fire
6 Afric Girl Irish Pleasant
7 Africa Girl Irish Pleasant
8 Agata Girl Irish Kind
9 Agate Girl Irish Kind
10 Aghadreena Girl Irish From the field of the sloe bushes
11 Aghamora Girl Irish From the great field
12 Aghaveagh Girl Irish From the field of the old tree
13 Aghavilla Girl Irish From the field of the old tree
14 Aghna Girl Irish Irish form of Agnes
15 Ahana Girl Irish From the little ford
16 Aidan Girl Irish Little fire
17 Aideen Girl Irish Flame
18 Aideen Girl Irish Little fire
19 Aifric Girl Irish Pleasant
20 Aigneis Girl Irish Pure
21 Aileen Girl Irish Form of helen
22 Aileen Girl Irish Light. Variant of Evelyn.
23 Aileene Girl Irish Variant of Evelyn.
24 Ailey Girl Irish Light
25 Aili Girl Irish Light
26 Ailia Girl Irish Light
27 Ailis Girl Irish Noble
28 Ailis Girl Irish Noble or honest
29 Ailisa Girl Irish Noble
30 Ailise Girl Irish Noble
31 Aine Girl Irish Pleasure, delight
32 Aine Girl Irish Ardent
33 Aingeal Girl Irish Angel
34 Airell Girl Irish Nobelman
35 Airleas Girl Irish Oath
36 Airrin Girl Irish Unknown
37 Aislin Girl Irish Dream
38 Aislin Girl Irish Vision
39 Aisling Girl Irish Vision, dream
40 Aisling Girl Irish Vision
41 Aislinn Girl Irish A dream
42 Aislinn Girl Irish Vision
43 AlIyn Girl Irish Beautiful
44 Alaina Girl Irish Dear child.
45 Alaine Girl Irish Beautiful
46 Alana Girl Irish Peaceful, serene
47 Alana Girl Irish Beautiful: Dear child.
48 Alani Girl Irish Dear child.
49 Alanna Girl Irish Attractive, peaceful
50 Alanna Girl Irish Beautiful. Dear child.
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