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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ace Boy Latin Unity, one
2 Adrian Boy Latin Of the adriatic
3 Adriano Boy Latin Native of adria: greek city
4 Alban Boy Latin White hill
5 Amadeus Boy Latin Love of god
6 Angelo Boy Latin Angel
7 Antony Boy Latin Praiseworthy, flourishing
8 Armand Boy Latin Of the army
9 Armando Boy Latin Derived from armand
10 Augustus Boy Latin Revered, exalted
11 Balbo Boy Latin Inarticulate
12 Balint Boy Latin Strong and healthy
13 Benedict Boy Latin Blessed
14 Bonaventure Boy Latin Good luck
15 Calixto Boy Latin A chalice
16 Calvin Boy Latin Bald
17 Cassius Boy Latin Vain
18 Cesar Boy Latin Long haired
19 Chuck Boy Latin Derives from charles
20 Chuck Boy Latin Derives from charles
21 Clarence Boy Latin Clear, luminous
22 Claude Boy Latin Lame
23 Claudio Boy Latin Lame
24 Corbett Boy Latin Black raven
25 Cornelius Boy Latin Horn-colored
26 Crispin Boy Latin Curly haired
27 Curt Boy Latin Derived from curtis
28 Curtis Boy Latin Courteous
29 Dacian Boy Latin From dacia (near rome)
30 Dexter Boy Latin Flexible, able-bodied
31 Dionysus Boy Latin God of wine & revelry
32 Dom Boy Latin Belonging to god
33 Dominic Boy Latin Belonging to god
34 Dominick Boy Latin Belonging to god
35 Elias Boy Latin The lord is my god
36 Emil Boy Latin To emulate, copy
37 Fabio Boy Latin Bean farmer
38 Fabrizio Boy Latin One with skillful hands
39 Farrar Boy Latin Blacksmith
40 Favian Boy Latin Brave man
41 Faxon Boy Latin Thick-haired
42 Felix Boy Latin Happy and prosperous
43 Fidel Boy Latin Faithful
44 Francis Boy Latin Free
45 Frank Boy Latin Free
46 Galloway Boy Latin From gaul
47 Genero Boy Latin General, generic
48 Guy Boy Latin Living spirit
49 Horace Boy Latin Hour in time
50 Hyroniemus Boy Latin Holy man
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