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1 Achilles Boy Greek A trojan war hero
2 Adonis Boy Greek Beautiful
3 Adrian Boy Greek Rich
4 Agamemnon Boy Greek Resolute
5 Ajax Boy Greek Strong warrior
6 Alec Boy Greek Protector of men
7 Alexander Boy Greek Protector of mankind
8 Alexander, Boy Greek Alex defender of mankind
9 Ambrose Boy Greek Immortal
10 Andreas Boy Greek Strong & manly
11 Andrew Boy Greek Manly, courageous
12 Andy Boy Greek Manly
13 Anthony Boy Greek Worthy of praise
14 Apollo Boy Greek God of truth and light
15 Appollo Boy Greek God of the sun
16 Aric Boy Greek A form of richard or eric
17 Artemas Boy Greek Safe
18 Astro Boy Greek Of the stars
19 Atalo Boy Greek Youthful
20 Avel Boy Greek Breath
21 Balthasar Boy Greek One of the 3 kings
22 Barnabas Boy Greek Son of a missionary
23 Basil Boy Greek Like a king
24 Bedros Boy Greek Stone
25 Caesar Boy Greek Long-haired
26 Calisto Boy Greek Most beautiful
27 Calix Boy Greek Very handsome
28 Carolos Boy Greek Strong, manly
29 Carsten Boy Greek Annointed
30 Christian Boy Greek Follower of christ
31 Christopher Boy Greek Christ-bearer
32 Christos Boy Greek Form of christopher
33 Cicero Boy Greek The historian
34 Ciro Boy Greek Ancient egyptian wind
35 Cleatus Boy Greek Illustrious
36 Colin Boy Greek Form of nicholas
37 Constantine Boy Greek Firm, constant
38 Corydon Boy Greek Lark
39 Cosmo Boy Greek The universe
40 Cy Boy Greek Derived from cyril
41 Cyril Boy Greek Lordly
42 Damen Boy Greek Taming
43 Damian Boy Greek Sweet and harmless
44 Damien Boy Greek Sweet and harmless
45 Damon Boy Greek Constant,loyal
46 Dard Boy Greek Son of zeus
47 Darius Boy Greek Wealthy
48 Darrius Boy Greek He who upholds the good
49 Demetrius Boy Greek Goddess of fertility
50 Demitrius Boy Greek Lover of the earth
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