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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Na'eem Boy Arabic Pleasure, ease, tranquility Na'
2 Na'il Boy Arabic Aquirer, earner Na'
3 Naa'il Boy Arabic Acquirer, earner Naa'
4 Naabih Boy Muslim-Islamic Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
5 Naadhir Boy Muslim-Islamic Fresh.
6 Naadii Boy Muslim-Islamic Meeting place, Club
7 Naadim Boy Muslim-Islamic REPENTANT, REGRETFUL
8 Naadir Boy Arabic Dear; rare
9 Naadir Boy Muslim-Islamic Dear, Rare, Precious
10 Naafi Boy Muslim-Islamic Useful, Beneficial
11 Naafil Boy Muslim-Islamic Additional, More than requested
12 Naagdhar Boy Indian-Hindu One Who Wears Cobra ( Lord Shiva)
13 Naagendra Boy Indian-Hindu Lord Of Serpents ( Vaasuki )
14 Naagesh Boy Indian-Hindu God Of Serpents ( Sheshnaag )
15 Naagpal, Nagpa Boy Indian-Hindu Saviour Of Serpents ( The Cobras ) Naagpal,
16 Naagpati Boy Indian-Hindu King Of Serpents ( Vaasuki )
17 Naagraj Boy Indian-Hindu King Of Serpents, Sheshnaag
18 Naail Boy Muslim-Islamic Acquirer, Earner, Receiver, Award, Gift
19 Naaim Boy Muslim-Islamic Naaim is an Arabic name for boys that means soft, smooth. It also means green and fresh when describing a plant. When describing the state of a persons mind, it means peaceful, serene.
20 Naajih Boy Muslim-Islamic Profitable, Successful
21 Naajy Boy Arabic Safe
22 Naajy Boy Muslim-Islamic Safe
23 Naakesh Boy Indian-Hindu Moon
24 Naal Boy Irish Name of a saint
25 Naaman Boy Arabic Pleasant
26 Naaman Boy Hebrew Pleasant
27 Naaman Boy Muslim-Islamic Pleasant
28 Naaqid Boy Muslim-Islamic A critic, a reviewer, a fault founder.
29 Naase Boy Muslim-Islamic Clear, pure, white.
30 Naashih Boy Muslim-Islamic Advisor, SIncere
31 Naashir Boy Muslim-Islamic Helper
32 Naasih Boy Arabic Advisor
33 Naasih Boy Muslim-Islamic Advisor
34 Naasik Boy Muslim-Islamic Pious, Devotee ,Keen Worshiper
35 Naasir Boy African Defender
36 Naasir Boy Muslim-Islamic Defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend, Protector, Granting victory
37 Naasir ud dolah Boy Muslim-Islamic Defender of the state, Naasir (Defender), ud (the), Dolah (state) Naasir ud
38 Naasir uddin Boy Muslim-Islamic Defender of Islam, Defender of the religion, Naasir (Defender), ud (the), Din (religion) Naasir
39 Naasir ul islam Boy Muslim-Islamic Defender of Islam, Naasir (Defender), ul (the), Islam Naasir ul
40 Naathim Boy Arabic Arranger; adjuster
41 Naathim Boy Muslim-Islamic Arranger, Adjuster
42 Naayel Boy Muslim-Islamic achiever
43 Naazhim Boy Muslim-Islamic Arranger, Poet
44 Naazir Boy Muslim-Islamic OBSERVANT, SPECTATOR
45 Nab Boy Scottish Abbot
46 Nabakumar Boy Bengali Newly born son
47 Nabarun Boy Bengali Morning sun
48 Nabawi Boy Muslim-Islamic Attribute like a prophet
49 Nabayil Boy Muslim-Islamic Nabayil is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means noble, aristocratic, highborn, gallant and brave.
50 Nabeeh Boy Bengali Noble, outstanding
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