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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Herve Boy French Army warrior
2 Ruff Boy French Red haired
3 Larue Boy French The red-haired one.
4 Jules Boy French Youthful
5 Clark Boy French Clergyman
6 Leroy Boy French The king
7 Nouel Boy French Akernel
8 Royal Boy French Regal
9 Tracy Boy French From Thracia. Surname dating from before the Norman conquest.
10 Tyson Boy French Son of a German
11 Coyan Boy French Modest.
12 Eriq Boy French Variant of Scandinavian Eric ever kingly. Actor Eriq La Salle.
13 Syd Boy French Variant of Sidney from St. Denis
14 Renne Boy French To rise again.
15 Marc Boy French Form of Mark.
16 Noel Boy French Christ's birthday
17 Louis Boy French Famous in war Form of Lawrence.
18 Vern Boy French Youthful
19 Coyne Boy French Modest
20 Carlo Boy French Strong
21 Troy Boy French Curly haired
22 Alain Boy French Handsome
23 Platt Boy French From the flat land
24 Garen Boy French Guards: guardian.
25 Amo Boy French Little eagle
26 Sid Boy French Variant of Sidney from St. Denis
27 Dax Boy French A town in southwestern France dating from before the Roman occupation.
28 Duran Boy French Firm: enduring.
29 Remy Boy French Rower
30 Avery Boy French Rules with elf-wisdom.
31 Lowe Boy French Little wolf
32 Paul Boy French Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Paul's letters to early Christians comprise many New Testament books.
33 Arber Boy French Dealer of herbs
34 Dix Boy French ten
35 Acel Boy French Adherent of a nobleman
36 Paige Boy French Attendant
37 Bevis Boy French From Beauvais
38 Beall Boy French Handsome.
39 Robby Boy French Abbreviation of Robert Famed: bright: shining.
40 Burke Boy French From the fortress
41 Jean Boy French Variant of John. Jean is sometimes hyphenated with a second name and the French pronunciation may be used as in Jean-Luc and Jean-Paul
42 Videl Boy French Life. Used as both surname and given name. See also Vito.
43 Dayne Boy French Surnames meaning from Denmark.
44 Del Boy French Surname prefix meaning of the. Also used as an independent name and an abbreviation of names beginning with Del-.
45 Louie Boy French Famous warrior
46 Pruet Boy French Brave
47 Devin Boy French Divine: perfect.
48 Brice Boy French From Brieuxtown
49 Henri Boy French Variant of English Henry Rules his household.
50 Dean Boy French Leader
51 Boone Boy French Good: a blessing. American frontier hero Daniel Boone.
52 Amaud Boy French Eagle ruler
53 Karel Boy French Strong and masculine
54 Chevy Boy French Horseman: knight. An abbreviation of Chevalier. Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.
55 Garan Boy French Guards: guardian.
56 More Boy French Dark skinned
57 Bay Boy French Variant of Bayard - auburn-haired.
58 Baron Boy French A title of nobility used as a given name.
59 Royce Boy French Son of the king
60 Boyce Boy French Lives near the wood.
61 Percy Boy French Piercing the valley
62 Talon Boy French Sharp
63 Denis Boy French Named for Saint Denys
64 Eliot Boy French Believes in God
65 Dilan Boy French Like a lion.
66 Gill Boy French French form of Julius
67 Frank Boy French Free: a free man. See also Francisco.
68 Vick Boy French From the village
69 Ansel Boy French Adherent of a nobleman
70 Curt Boy French Courteous
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