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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Syd Boy French Variant of Sidney from St. Denis
2 Lamar Boy French Of the sea.
3 Remi Boy French Rower
4 Dilan Boy French Like a lion.
5 Chevy Boy French Horseman: knight. An abbreviation of Chevalier. Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.
6 Loyal Boy French TRUE
7 Russ Boy French Derived from russell
8 Dace Boy French Of the nobility.
9 Noel Boy French Christ's birthday
10 Garin Boy French Guards: guardian.
11 Dacey Boy French Of the nobility.
12 Rique Boy French Variant of Richard.
13 Leroy Boy French The king
14 Roel Boy French rock.
15 Garan Boy French Guards: guardian.
16 Colan Boy French Abbreviation of Nicholas people's victory.
17 Devry Boy French Derived from place-name Deverel.
18 Daine Boy French Surnames meaning from Denmark.
19 Jon Boy French Variant of John or abbreviation of Jonathan Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. Sometimes used in the French fashion hyphenated with a second name like Jon-Carlo or Jon-Paul
20 Geoff Boy French Peaceful. Abbreviation of Geoffrey.
21 Amoux Boy French Eagle wolf
22 Gard Boy French Keeper of the garden. Surname.
23 Jaye Boy French Bluejay
24 Avent Boy French Born during advent
25 Curt Boy French Courteous
26 Noell Boy French Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christ's birth and Christmas festival.
27 Roche Boy French Rock
28 Platt Boy French From the flat land
29 Boyce Boy French Lives near the wood.
30 Denys Boy French Named for Saint Denys
31 Vail Boy French From the vale
32 Kurt Boy French Courteous
33 Moore Boy French Dark skinned
34 Dix Boy French ten
35 Berny Boy French Derived from bernard
36 Vern Boy French Surname related to Vernon alder tree grove. Also used as abbreviations of Vernon or Lavern.
37 Karl Boy French Strong and masculine
38 Beal Boy French Handsome.
39 Amo Boy French Little eagle
40 Arber Boy French Dealer of herbs
41 Yves Boy French Archer
42 Boone Boy French Good
43 Perry Boy French French form of Peter
44 Amaud Boy French Eagle ruler
45 Denis Boy French Named for Saint Denys
46 Eriq Boy French Variant of Scandinavian Eric ever kingly. Actor Eriq La Salle.
47 Aluin Boy French Noble friend
48 Caine Boy French Place name unrelated to the Biblical Cain.
49 Henri Boy French Derived from henry
50 Emile Boy French industrious
51 Robb Boy French Abbreviation of Robert Famed: bright: shining.
52 Bell Boy French Handsome
53 Larue Boy French The red-haired one.
54 Leone Boy French Lion
55 Edmon Boy French Prosperous protector.
56 Fitz Boy French Son of
57 Johnn Boy French Variant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor.
58 Avery Boy French Rules with elf-wisdom.
59 Bevis Boy French From Beauvais
60 Soren Boy French Reddish brown hair
61 Beall Boy French Handsome.
62 Quint Boy French Variant of Quentin fifth. Surname.
63 Marc Boy French Form of Mark.
64 Duval Boy French Of the valley.
65 Aron Boy French Lofty or inspired.
66 Geron Boy French Guards: guardian.
67 Alain Boy French Handsome
68 Veryl Boy French TRUE
69 Garen Boy French Guards: guardian.
70 Wyatt Boy French Guide
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