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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Jaye Boy French Bluejay
2 Amaud Boy French Eagle ruler
3 Vern Boy French Youthful
4 Roche Boy French Rock
5 Verne Boy French Surname related to Vernon alder tree grove. Also used as abbreviations of Vernon or Lavern.
6 Quint Boy French Variant of Quentin fifth. Surname.
7 Davet Boy French Beloved
8 Pruie Boy French Brave
9 Aron Boy French Lofty or inspired.
10 Rodel Boy French Famous ruler.
11 Dayne Boy French Surnames meaning from Denmark.
12 Larue Boy French The red-haired one.
13 Cort Boy French Courtier: court attendant.
14 Noell Boy French Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christ's birth and Christmas festival.
15 Duran Boy French Firm: enduring.
16 Rocke Boy French Rock
17 Aubin Boy French Fair
18 Lamar Boy French Of the sea.
19 Ruffe Boy French Red haired
20 Verel Boy French TRUE
21 Vic Boy French From the village
22 Leroi Boy French The king.
23 Rique Boy French Variant of Richard.
24 Merla Boy French Blackbird.
25 Renny Boy French To rise again.
26 Percy Boy French Piercing the valley
27 Kari Boy French Strong and masculine
28 Burke Boy French From the fortress
29 Henry Boy French Rules the home
30 Denis Boy French Named for Saint Denys
31 Tyeis Boy French Son of a German
32 Duval Boy French Of the valley.
33 Garon Boy French Guards: guardian.
34 Rush Boy French Red haired
35 Kurt Boy French Courteous
36 Aloin Boy French Noble friend
37 Piers Boy French A rock. Form of Peter.
38 Dion Boy French Abbreviation of Dionysius.
39 Saber Boy French Sword
40 Rust Boy French Red haired
41 Baron Boy French A title of nobility used as a given name.
42 Avent Boy French Born during advent
43 Jean Boy French Variant of John. Jean is sometimes hyphenated with a second name and the French pronunciation may be used as in Jean-Luc and Jean-Paul
44 Jonn Boy French Variant of John or abbreviation of Jonathan Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor.
45 Page Boy French Attendant
46 Remi Boy French Rower
47 Rushe Boy French Red haired
48 Aubry Boy French Rules with elf-wisdom.
49 Boone Boy French Good: a blessing. American frontier hero Daniel Boone.
50 Jolie Boy French Cheerful: pretty.
51 Brice Boy French From Brieuxtown
52 Daine Boy French Surnames meaning from Denmark.
53 Royce Boy French Son of Roy
54 Guy Boy French Guide
55 Lowe Boy French Little wolf
56 Odo Boy French Name of a bishop
57 Devry Boy French Derived from place-name Deverel.
58 Marsh Boy French Steward
59 Coyne Boy French Modest.
60 Roch Boy French Rock
61 Denis Boy French Derived from dennis
62 Reve Boy French dream.
63 Andre Boy French Manly, courageous
64 Lance Boy French Lancer.
65 Dacey Boy French Of the nobility.
66 Paul Boy French Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Paul's letters to early Christians comprise many New Testament books.
67 Dash Boy French Page boy
68 Ansel Boy French Adherent of a nobleman
69 Edmon Boy French Prosperous protector.
70 Darcy Boy French From Arcy
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