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Are you looking for Turkish Girl Names? If Yes, then you have reached at right place because this page has a collection of Turkish Girl Names. Here we have listed all beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon, modern, most popular, awesome and easy to pronounce Turkish Girl Names with name meaning so that you can easily choose right name for your new born baby as per name meaning. You can also share this page with your friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twiiter. They can also help you to choose right Turkish Girl Names for your new born baby.

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Akasma Girl Turkish White climbing rose Book Akasma.com
2 Aysel Girl Turkish Moonlight Book Aysel.com
3 Azize Girl Turkish Dear, precious Book Azize.com
4 Cana Girl Turkish Beloved Book Cana.com
5 Cera Girl Turkish Cherry Book Cera.com
6 Cerise Girl Turkish Cherry Book Cerise.com
7 Elma Girl Turkish Sweet fruit Book Elma.com
8 Isra Girl Turkish Freedom Book Isra.com
9 Kiral Girl Turkish Supreme chief Book Kiral.com
10 Neylan Girl Turkish Fulfilled wish Book Neylan.com
11 Rashida Girl Turkish Righteous Book Rashida.com
12 Safak Girl Turkish N/a Book Safak.com
13 Sarila Girl Turkish Waterfall Book Sarila.com
14 Sema Girl Turkish Heaven Book Sema.com
15 Sevilen Girl Turkish Loved Book Sevilen.com
16 Suna Girl Turkish Swan Book Suna.com
17 Umay Girl Turkish Hope Book Umay.com
18 Zeki Girl Turkish Smart Book Zeki.com
Page 1 of 1, Showing 18 of 18 Records
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