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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Paalak Girl Bengali Feather
2 Pabani Girl Bengali Purifying
3 Pabitrata Girl Bengali Purity
4 Pabla Girl Spanish From the name pauline
5 Pabla Girl Spanish Little
6 Pachima Girl Bengali Coming from west
7 Paciencia Girl Spanish Patient
8 Padabali Girl Bengali A wreath of stanzas
9 Padida Girl Muslim-Islamic Padida is a Persian name for girls that means phenomenon, figuratively it means marvelous, fascinating.
10 Padidah Girl Arabic A phenomenon
11 Padidah Girl Muslim-Islamic A phenomenon
12 Padimni Girl Indian-Hindu
13 Padma Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess
14 Padma Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess
15 Padma Girl Bengali Lotus
16 Padma rag Girl Bengali Ruby Padma
17 Padmaja Girl Indian-Hindu Goddess laxmi
18 Padmajai Girl Indian-Hindu Born from lotus, lakshmi
19 Padmakalyani Girl Indian-Hindu Name of a Raga
20 Padmakshi Girl Bengali Lotus eye
21 Padmakshi Girl Indian-Hindu One whose eyes are as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi
22 Padmal Girl Indian-Hindu Lotus
23 Padmalochona Girl Bengali Lotus eye
24 Padmamadhu Girl Bengali Lotus honey
25 Padmanayan Girl Bengali Lotus eye
26 Padmanayana Girl Bengali Lotus eye
27 Padmanetra Girl Bengali Lotus eye
28 Padmini Girl Bengali Collection of lotus
29 Padmini Girl Indian-Hindu Lotus pond
30 Padnuni Girl Indian-Hindu Lotus
31 Padraigin Girl Irish Noble
32 Page Girl English Youthful assistant
33 Page Girl French Attendant
34 Pahal Girl Indian-Hindu The start
35 Pahana Girl American Lost white brother
36 Pahar Girl Sikh Hour, time
37 Pahmagandhi Girl Bengali Smelling like lotus
38 Paige Girl French Assistant
39 Paige Girl French Attendant
40 Paili Girl Hebrew Bitter
41 Paislee Girl Celtic
42 Paisley Girl Celtic-Gaelic Fashion teardrop print
43 Paiva Girl Scandinavian God of the sun
44 Paivand Girl Muslim-Islamic Paivand is a Persian name for girls that means connection, oath, promise, relation, kin.
45 Paka Girl African Cat
46 Pakeezah Girl Muslim-Islamic Pure
47 Pakhi Girl Bengali Bird
48 Pakhi Girl Indian-Hindu Bird
49 Pakhsini Girl Bengali A female bird
50 Pakhya Girl Bengali Eye lash
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