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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Iago Boy Latin Supplanter
2 Iago Boy Spanish Supplanter
3 Iain Boy Celtic-Gaelic God is gracious
4 Iain Boy Irish God is gracious
5 Iain Boy Scottish Gift from God
6 Iakovos Boy Hebrew Supplanter
7 Ian Boy Celtic-Gaelic God is gracious
8 Ian Boy Irish God is gracious
9 Ian Boy Scottish Gift from God Form of John.
10 Ian Boy Hebrew Gift from God
11 Iaokim Boy Hebrew God will estahlish
12 Ibaad Boy Muslim-Islamic A worshipper ,Servants of Allah, Slaves of Allah,
13 Ibad Boy Muslim-Islamic Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God
14 Ibadullah Boy Muslim-Islamic Ibadullah is an Arabic name for boys that means worshipers of God, devoted servants of God.
15 Ibhan Boy Bengali Lord ganesha
16 Ibhanan Boy Bengali Elephant faced
17 Ibhanan Boy Indian-Hindu Elephant faced
18 Ibhya Boy Bengali Possessor of many attendants
19 Ibn Boy Muslim-Islamic Son of
20 Ibn sina Boy Muslim-Islamic Sina was the father of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina, the celebrated physician Avicenna. Ibn
21 Ibr Boy Muslim-Islamic Prophet Abraham
22 Ibraheem Boy Arabic A prophet's name
23 Ibraheem Boy Muslim-Islamic A Prophets name, Variant transcription of IBRAHIM
24 Ibrahim Boy Arabic Abraham
25 Ibrahim Boy Muslim-Islamic Father of a multitude, Kind father, (combination of Abu, father and Rahim, kind) , a Prophets name (Abraham).
26 Ibrar Boy Muslim-Islamic Helpfull Peacfull
27 Ibrisam Boy Muslim-Islamic Silk.
28 Ibriz Boy Muslim-Islamic Pure gold.
29 Ibtesam Boy Muslim-Islamic Smiling
30 Ibtihaaj Boy Muslim-Islamic Happiness, joy, delight
31 Ibtihaj Boy Muslim-Islamic Joy
32 Ibtisam Boy Arabic Smile, cheerfulness
33 Ibtisam Boy Muslim-Islamic Smiling, smile, cheerfulness.
34 Ibtissem Boy Muslim-Islamic to smile
35 Ichaa Boy Bengali Desire
36 Ichaabasma Boy Bengali Kuver(god of wealth)
37 Ichaamai,ichaamay Boy Bengali God Ichaamai,
38 Ichabod Boy Hebrew Departed glory
39 Ichabod Boy Biblical Departed glory
40 Ichabod Boy Hebrew The glory has departed
41 Ida Boy Anglo-Saxon Name of a king
42 Idal Boy English From the yew tree valley
43 Idaspati Boy Bengali God of rain (vishnu)
44 Idaspati Boy Indian-Hindu God of rain (vishnu)
45 Iden Boy Celtic Wealthy
46 Iden Boy Anglo-Saxon Wealthy
47 Idha Boy Bengali Luminous
48 Idham Boy Bengali Wood to lit fire
49 Idhant Boy Bengali Luminous
50 Idhant Boy Indian-Hindu Luminous
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