TOP 70 Short Hebrew boy Names

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Armon Boy Hebrew High place.
2 Dagan Boy Hebrew Grain
3 Izzy Boy Hebrew He will laugh
4 Amiti Boy Hebrew Truth
5 Elam Boy Hebrew In the bible one of five sons of Noah's son Shem.
6 Jorie Boy Hebrew God will uplift
7 Caleb Boy Hebrew Faithful, bold
8 Jerah Boy Hebrew Jehovah has seen. A Biblical name. A lunar month: also a given name.
9 Misi Boy Hebrew Gift from God
10 Itai Boy Hebrew Friendly
11 Jerad Boy Hebrew Descending. A pre-flood Biblical name. The character Jared on the late Sixties TV western The Big Valley.
12 Joen Boy Hebrew Gift from God
13 Ira Boy Hebrew Descendant
14 Gil Boy Hebrew Joy
15 Elrad Boy Hebrew God rules
16 Jopie Boy Hebrew God will multiply
17 Seth Boy Hebrew Anointed
18 Hosea Boy Hebrew Salvation
19 Nat Boy Hebrew Gift of god
20 Zack Boy Hebrew Remembrance of the lord
21 Avner Boy Hebrew Father of light
22 Akiva Boy Hebrew Replaces
23 Amon Boy Hebrew Faithful or roaring stream
24 Aviv Boy Hebrew Young
25 Elkan Boy Hebrew Belonging to god
26 Matei Boy Hebrew Gift from God.
27 Javen Boy Hebrew Son of japheth
28 Zared Boy Hebrew Ambush
29 Ozzi Boy Hebrew Strong
30 Heber Boy Hebrew Partner. Heber was a biblical ancestor of Abraham.
31 Bart Boy Hebrew Son of tolmai
32 Ardon Boy Hebrew Bronze.
33 Noah Boy Hebrew Rest, peace
34 Jokin Boy Hebrew God will establish
35 Danny Boy Hebrew God will judge
36 Lot Boy Hebrew Veiled
37 Jov Boy Hebrew Supplanter
38 Paz Boy Hebrew Golden
39 Mike Boy Hebrew Who is like god?
40 Benjy Boy Hebrew Son of my right hand
41 John Boy Hebrew Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. In the bible John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jordan river. Variants have been created in almost every language.
42 Mikko Boy Hebrew Gift from God
43 Arnan Boy Hebrew Quick: joyful. A Biblical name.
44 Ike Boy Hebrew Derived from isaac
45 Jess Boy Hebrew Variant of Jesse Jehovah exists.
46 Yanis Boy Hebrew God's gift
47 Yigol Boy Hebrew Shall be redeemed
48 Joss Boy Hebrew Abbreviation of Joshua Jehovah is salvation.
49 Zethe Boy Hebrew Appointed. Variant of Seth.
50 Abram Boy Hebrew High father
51 Joel Boy Hebrew God is willing
52 Ximen Boy Hebrew God has heard
53 Ofer Boy Hebrew Fawn
54 Ely Boy Hebrew Jehovah is God
55 Adlai Boy Hebrew God is just
56 Eri Boy Hebrew Abbreviation of Erin - a poetic name for Ireland.
57 Etan Boy Hebrew Steady
58 Joey Boy Hebrew Derived from joseph
59 Izaak Boy Hebrew Child of laughter
60 Jerod Boy Hebrew Descendant
61 Jonas Boy Hebrew Gift from God
62 Zion Boy Hebrew The presence of God. Alternate Spelling: Zhion.
63 Adar Boy Hebrew Noble
64 Efran Boy Hebrew Doubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim
65 Gabe Boy Hebrew God's able-bodied one. Variant of Gabriel.
66 Alvah Boy Hebrew Exalted one: Sublime. Alvah was a biblical place and tribal name.
67 Arye Boy Hebrew Lion of God
68 Akiba Boy Hebrew Replaces
69 Yusef Boy Hebrew God shall multiply
70 Jore Boy Hebrew God will uplift
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