TOP 70 Short Hebrew boy Names

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Iram Boy Hebrew Shining Book
2 Abel Boy Hebrew Biblical name meaning Son or Breath. Abel was the son of Adam and Eve who was killed by his brother Cain in a fit of jealousy. Book
3 Nadiv Boy Hebrew Noble Book
4 Mykal Boy Hebrew Variation of Michael. Close to God. Book
5 Levi Boy Hebrew United - as one Book
6 Asher Boy Hebrew Happy: happiness. In the bible Jacob's eighth son Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance. Book
7 Elan Boy Hebrew Tree Book
8 Ranen Boy Hebrew Joyful Book
9 Uri Boy Hebrew God is my light Book
10 Gabe Boy Hebrew God's able-bodied one. Variant of Gabriel. Book
11 Jared Boy Hebrew Descending. A pre-flood Biblical name. The character Jared on the late Sixties TV western The Big Valley. Book
12 Ximon Boy Hebrew God has heard Book
13 Jadon Boy Hebrew He will judge Book
14 Jussi Boy Hebrew Gift from God Book
15 Adam Boy Hebrew From the red earth. In the biblical Genesis account man was created from the red earth of Eden. Book
16 Saul Boy Hebrew Asked: inquired of God. The Hebrew name of the Apostle Paul. Book
17 Eri Boy Hebrew Abbreviation of Erin - a poetic name for Ireland. Book
18 Aaron Boy Hebrew Enlightened; to sing Book
19 Matai Boy Hebrew Gift from God Book
20 Javan Boy Hebrew Son of japtheh Book
21 Jori Boy Hebrew Descending Book
22 Izzy Boy Hebrew He will laugh Book
23 Yerik Boy Hebrew Appointed by God Book
24 Lot Boy Hebrew Hidden Book
25 Kaleb Boy Hebrew From caleb-faithful, bold Book
26 Esau Boy Hebrew Hairy. Biblical Jacob's older twin brother Esau was a skilled and adventurous hunter. Book
27 Eitan Boy Hebrew Strong and staunch Book
28 Eran Boy Hebrew Roused: awakened Book
29 Kobe Boy Hebrew Supplanter Book
30 Yosef Boy Hebrew God will increase. Book
31 Mikel Boy Hebrew Gift from God Book
32 Roni Boy Hebrew Song Book
33 Uriel Boy Hebrew God is my light Book
34 Jordi Boy Hebrew Variant of Hebrew Jordan down flowing. Book
35 Benjy Boy Hebrew Son of my right hand Book
36 Jed Boy Hebrew Beloved by God Book
37 Davi Boy Hebrew Dearly loved Book
38 Jim Boy Hebrew Derived from james Book
39 Ixaka Boy Hebrew Child of laughter Book
40 Lev Boy Hebrew Heart Book
41 Esra Boy Hebrew Help. 5th century BC Jewish priest and scholar Ezra wrote three biblical books and began compiling and cataloging the Hebrew Scriptures that later formed the Old Testament. Book
42 Avner Boy Hebrew Father of light Book
43 Jonny Boy Hebrew Derived from john Book
44 Simao Boy Hebrew Obedient Book
45 Oved Boy Hebrew Worker Book
46 Levi Boy Hebrew Joined. Levi: third ' of Jacob's 12 sons: became father of the tribe that was assigned priestly duties. Book
47 Barth Boy Hebrew Son of tolmai Book
48 Hyman Boy Hebrew Life Book
49 Abram Boy Hebrew Exalted father. The biblical patriarch Abraham's name before God changed it. Book
50 Amiti Boy Hebrew Truth Book
51 Josef Boy Hebrew God will increase Book
52 Dane Boy Hebrew God will judge Book
53 Efrat Boy Hebrew Honored, distinguished Book
54 Jukka Boy Hebrew Gift from God Book
55 Zeke Boy Hebrew Strength of god Book
56 Ziv Boy Hebrew Bright Book
57 Rafal Boy Hebrew God's healer Book
58 Dovev Boy Hebrew Speaks in a whisper Book
59 Lev Boy Hebrew United Book
60 Ari Boy Hebrew Lion of God Book
61 Jamon Boy Hebrew Right hand of favor. A Biblical name. Book
62 Yusef Boy Hebrew God shall multiply Book
63 Adon Boy Hebrew The Lord Book
64 Tomek Boy Hebrew Twin Book
65 Jurre Boy Hebrew God will uplift Book
66 Kedem Boy Hebrew Old, ancient Book
67 Yair Boy Hebrew Enlighten Book
68 Laban Boy Hebrew White Book
69 Heber Boy Hebrew Partner. Heber was a biblical ancestor of Abraham. Book
70 Oren Boy Hebrew Pine tree. Book
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