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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Aad Girl Sikh In the beginning
2 Aadh Girl Sikh Half
3 Aagya Girl Sikh Permission
4 Aasa Girl Sikh Hope
5 Aasha Girl Sikh Hope
6 Ab Girl Sikh Now
7 Abh Girl Sikh Now
8 Abhiroop Girl Sikh Pleasant
9 Abichal Girl Sikh Unyielding
10 Achal Girl Sikh Constant, immovable
11 Adarshpreet Girl Sikh Love of ideals
12 Adh Girl Sikh Half
13 Adish Girl Sikh The foremost
14 Adish Girl Sikh The foremost
15 Adishvar Girl Sikh The foremost (god)
16 Agamjot Girl Sikh God's light
17 Agampreet Girl Sikh The lover of god
18 Aganee Girl Sikh Fire
19 Agochar Girl Sikh Unfathomable
20 Agya Girl Sikh Permission
21 Ahar Girl Sikh Activity
22 Ajaipal Girl Sikh Protected or cared for by the lord
23 Ajaipreet Girl Sikh Victorious love
24 Ajooni Girl Sikh Infinite, not bound by birth or death
25 Akaal Girl Sikh Timeless, god, omnipotent
26 Akal Girl Sikh Timeless, eternal
27 Akaldeep Girl Sikh The eternal lamp, god's lamp
28 Akaljeet Girl Sikh Triumph of god
29 Akaljot Girl Sikh The eternal light; god's light
30 Akalkeerat Girl Sikh One who sings god's praises
31 Akalpreet Girl Sikh Love of god
32 Akalroop Girl Sikh Of eternal form, of eternal beauty
33 Akhiljeet Girl Sikh All victorious (god)
34 Akhilpreet Girl Sikh All loving (god)
35 Akshdeep Girl Sikh The lamp of light in the sky
36 Alam Girl Sikh Universe
37 Albel Girl Sikh Na
38 Amalinder Girl Sikh Pure god
39 Amandeep Girl Sikh The lamp of peace
40 Amandip Girl Sikh The lamp of peace
41 Amanjeet Girl Sikh One who attains peace
42 Amanjot Girl Sikh Radiating the light of peace
43 Amanpreet Girl Sikh One who loves peace
44 Amanroop Girl Sikh The embodiment of peace
45 Amardeep Girl Sikh Eternal light
46 Amarjeet Girl Sikh Forever victorious
47 Amarjit Girl Sikh Forever victorious
48 Amarjot Girl Sikh The immortal light
49 Amarleen Girl Sikh Forever absorbed in god
50 Amaroop Girl Sikh Forever beauty
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