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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ra'ed Boy Arabic Leader Ra'
2 Ra'ees Boy Arabic Leader, chief, captain, prince, nobleman Ra'
3 Ra'id Boy Arabic Leader Ra'
4 Raakin Boy Arabic Respectful
5 Raamiz Boy Arabic Symbol
6 Raashid Boy Arabic Pious, follower of the right path
7 Raatib Boy Arabic Arranger
8 Rabah Boy Arabic Gainer
9 Rabee Boy Arabic Spring
10 Rabi Boy Arabic Spring, breeze
11 Radhee, radhi Boy Arabic Lover, suitor, goodwill, satisfied, content Radhee,
12 Radi Boy Arabic Na
13 Radi/radhi Boy Arabic Happy, satisfied Radi/
14 Rafat Boy Arabic Elevation
15 Rafee Boy Arabic Kind friend
16 Rafeeq, rafiq Boy Arabic Friend, associate, companion; soft & kind hearted person Rafeeq,
17 Rafi Boy Arabic Exalted
18 Rafiq Boy Arabic Kind, friend
19 Ragheb Boy Arabic Desirous
20 Raghib, raaghib Boy Arabic Desirous, willing Raghib,
21 Raghib, ragheb Boy Arabic Desirous Raghib,
22 Raheem Boy Arabic Compassionate
23 Rahim Boy Arabic Kind hearted
24 Rahm Boy Arabic Mercy, pity, compassion, kindness, tenderness
25 Rahman Boy Arabic Compassionate, merciful
26 Rahmath, rehmath Boy Arabic Mercy Rahmath,
27 Raid Boy Arabic Leader
28 Raid/raed/raaid Boy Arabic Leader, major (rank) Raid/raed/
29 Rais Boy Arabic Captain
30 Rajab Boy Arabic The seventh month of the muslim year
31 Raji/raajee Boy Arabic Hoping Raji/
32 Rakhshan Boy Arabic Flashing
33 Rakin Boy Arabic Respectful
34 Ralah Boy Arabic Attainment, success
35 Ramadan/ramadhan Boy Arabic Holy month or ramadan Ramadan/
36 Rami Boy Arabic Sniper
37 Ramiz Boy Arabic Symbol
38 Ramza Boy Arabic Symbol, sign
39 Ramzee Boy Arabic My symbol
40 Raqeeb Boy Arabic Rival, competitor
41 Raqib Boy Arabic One of the ninety-nine names of god; watchman
42 Rashaad Boy Arabic Integrity of conduct
43 Rashad Boy Arabic Integrity of conduct
44 Rashid, rasheed Boy Arabic Brave Rashid,
45 Rasool Boy Arabic Messenger of god, prophet( bpuh)
46 Ratib Boy Arabic Arranger
47 Ratiq Boy Arabic Another name for god; one who brings together
48 Raunak Boy Arabic Fame
49 Raushan, roshan Boy Arabic Light, illuminated, bright, clear, splendid Raushan,
50 Raviv Boy Arabic Rain, dew
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