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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 R'phael Boy Hebrew God's healer R'
2 R?an Boy Irish Little King. R?
3 Ra'ed Boy Arabic Leader Ra'
4 Ra'ees Boy Arabic Leader, chief, captain, prince, nobleman Ra'
5 Ra'id Boy Arabic Leader Ra'
6 Raad Boy Muslim-Islamic Raad is an Arabic name for boys that means scout, explorer, pioneer.
7 Raadhii Boy Muslim-Islamic Alleviate
8 Raafat Boy Muslim-Islamic Kindness, Compasion
9 Raafe Boy Muslim-Islamic A companion
10 Raafi Boy Muslim-Islamic High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb
11 Raafid Boy Muslim-Islamic Helper, Guard, River's end
12 Raafiif Boy Muslim-Islamic Good morals, Shaking, Throb, Heart beat
13 Raaghib Boy Muslim-Islamic Desirous, willing
14 Raahi Boy Indian-Hindu Traveller
15 Raahil Boy Muslim-Islamic Path guider
16 Raahim Boy Muslim-Islamic Merciful, Compassionate, Pitying
17 Raahul Boy Bengali Son of buddha
18 Raaj Boy Sikh Rule, power, kingdom
19 Raajii Boy Muslim-Islamic Have hope
20 Raajyashree Boy Indian-Hindu Propriety of the king
21 Raakib Boy Muslim-Islamic Horse rider
22 Raakin Boy Arabic Respectful
23 Raakin Boy Muslim-Islamic Respectful
24 Raam Boy Sikh Lord ram
25 Raam/ram Boy Sikh God Raam/
26 Raamis Boy Muslim-Islamic The good looking one
27 Raamiz Boy Arabic Symbol
28 Raamiz Boy Muslim-Islamic Symbol
29 Raanan Boy Hebrew Fresh, new
30 Raanan Boy Biblical Fresh, new
31 Raanan Boy Hebrew Fresh
32 Raashid Boy Arabic Pious, follower of the right path
33 Raashid Boy Muslim-Islamic Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
34 Raatib Boy Arabic Arranger
35 Raatib Boy Muslim-Islamic Arranger
36 Raazi Boy Muslim-Islamic Satisfied, contended, well-pleased.
37 Rab Boy Muslim-Islamic Lord, Master, One of the names of Allah
38 Rabaee Boy Muslim-Islamic One who has a desire and searches
39 Rabah Boy Arabic Gainer
40 Rabah Boy Muslim-Islamic Gainer, winner, profit.
41 Rabar Boy Muslim-Islamic A loving and caring person to all
42 Rabbaani Boy Muslim-Islamic Something related to God, Very religious, Reached 'Ma'rifah level'
43 Rabbani Boy Muslim-Islamic Divine, from Allah.
44 Rabee Boy Arabic Spring
45 Rabee Boy Muslim-Islamic Spring
46 Rabeeh Boy Muslim-Islamic Rabeeh is an Arabic name for boys that means winner, one who profits.
47 Rabees Boy Muslim-Islamic Powerful, fearless, dauntless.
48 Rabi Boy Arabic Spring, breeze
49 Rabi Boy Bengali The sun
50 Rabi Boy Muslim-Islamic Spring, springtime, breeze
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