TOP 43 Short Welsh girl Names

Are you looking for Top Short Welsh girl Names? If Yes, then you have reached at right place because this page has a collection of Top Short Welsh girl Names with meanings which help you to choose right name for your baby. Below you can see random Top Short Welsh girl Names and If you referesh page it'll display more random Top Short Welsh girl Names. You can also share this page with your friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twiiter. They can also help you to choose right Short Welsh girl Names for your new born baby.

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Elwyn Girl Welsh Pale brow
2 Ronda Girl Welsh Grand
3 Gwyn Girl Welsh White, fair
4 Avon Girl Welsh The river
5 Ilar Girl Welsh Cheerful
6 Wenda Girl Welsh White wave.
7 Parry Girl Welsh Son of harry
8 Carys Girl Welsh To love
9 Garan Girl Welsh Stork
10 Iola Girl Welsh Violet-colored dawn
11 Taffy Girl Welsh Beloved
12 Rhys Girl Welsh A stream
13 Glain Girl Welsh Jewel
14 Telyn Girl Welsh Harp
15 Wynn Girl Welsh Light complexion
16 Wendi Girl Welsh From gwendolyn
17 Ceri Girl Welsh Love
18 Caraf Girl Welsh Love
19 Arawn Girl Welsh King of the otherworld
20 Sian Girl Welsh God's gracious gift
21 Caron Girl Welsh Loving, kind
22 Emlyn Girl Welsh Flatterer
23 Dylan Girl Welsh Born from the ocean; son of the sea
24 Lowri Girl Welsh Crowned with laurels
25 Enid Girl Welsh Soul
26 Crwys Girl Welsh Cross
27 Tegan Girl Welsh Beautiful person
28 Awena Girl Welsh Seer
29 Mabli Girl Welsh Beautiful one
30 Kynan Girl Welsh Chief
31 Jen Girl Welsh White wave
32 Wendy Girl Welsh White skinned
33 Rhian Girl Welsh Magic maiden
34 Gwen Girl Welsh A form of gwendolyn
35 Awen Girl Welsh A muse
36 Mabyn Girl Welsh Ever young
37 Reese Girl Welsh Enthusiastic
38 Nerys Girl Welsh Lady
39 Cai Girl Welsh Rejoice
40 Arwen Girl Welsh Muse
41 Glyn Girl Welsh Valley
42 Olwen Girl Welsh White footprint
43 Kieve Girl Welsh Mythical name
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