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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Abban Boy Irish Abbot Book
2 Abracham Boy Irish Irish form of Abraham Book
3 Adamnan Boy Irish Little Adam Book
4 Adare Boy Irish From the ford of the oak tree Book
5 Addergoole Boy Irish From between two fords Book
6 Aderrig Boy Irish From the red ford Book
7 Adhamh Boy Irish Of the earth Book
8 Aeary Boy Irish Scholar Book
9 Aengus Boy Irish One vigor Book
10 Aghaderg Boy Irish From the red ford Book
11 Aghamore Boy Irish From the great field Book
12 Aghy Boy Irish Friend of horses Book
13 Aguistin Boy Irish Majestic Book
14 Ahane Boy Irish From the little ford Book
15 Ahearn Boy Irish Lord of the horses Book
16 Ahern Boy Irish Lord of the horses Book
17 Aidan Boy Irish Fiery. Book
18 Aiden Boy Irish Fiery Book
19 Aiden Boy Irish Fiery. Book
20 Aidrian Boy Irish From the Adriatic Book
21 Ailfrid Boy Irish Wise Book
22 Ailin Boy Irish Handsome Book
23 Aindreas Boy Irish Strong Book
24 Aineislis Boy Irish Glorious stand Book
25 Ainmire Boy Irish Great lord Book
26 Airleas Boy Irish Pledge Book
27 Alahhaois Boy Irish Famous soldier Book
28 Alan Boy Irish Handsome Book
29 Alhan Boy Irish Pale Book
30 Allan Boy Irish Handsome Book
31 Allen Boy Irish Fair, handsome Book
32 Alphonsus Boy Irish Noble or ready Book
33 Alroy Boy Irish Red haired Book
34 Alsandair Boy Irish Defender of man Book
35 Amblaoibh Boy Irish Relic Book
36 Ambros Boy Irish Divine Book
37 Amergin Boy Irish Poet Book
38 Amery Boy Irish Ridge: long hill Book
39 Amhlaoibh Boy Irish Irish form of Olaf Book
40 Amnchadh Boy Irish Brave Book
41 Angus Boy Irish Unique strength Book
42 Angus Boy Irish One vigor Book
43 Anlon Boy Irish Champion Book
44 Anluan Boy Irish Champion Book
45 Anmcha Boy Irish Brave Book
46 Ann Boy Irish Priceless Book
47 Annaduff Boy Irish From the black marsh Book
48 Anntoin Boy Irish Priceless Book
49 Aodhfin Boy Irish White fire Book
50 Aodhfionn Boy Irish White fire Book
Page 1 of 24, Showing 50 of 1194 Records