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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Sabyasachi Boy Bengali Ambidexter,arjuna
2 Sachidanand Boy Bengali One with a good mind and who is happy
3 Sachin Boy Bengali Lord indra
4 Sada Boy Bengali Always
5 Sada shiv Boy Bengali Pure Sada
6 Sada shiva Boy Bengali Eternally pure Sada
7 Sada sivam Boy Bengali Always silent Sada
8 Sadabindu Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
9 Sadaiappan Boy Bengali Lord siva
10 Sadanand Boy Bengali Ever joyous
11 Sadananda Boy Bengali God
12 Sadanandam Boy Bengali Who is happy always
13 Sadar Boy Bengali Respectful
14 Sadeepan Boy Bengali Lighted up
15 Sadham Boy Bengali Proud
16 Sadhan Boy Bengali Fulfilment
17 Sadhil Boy Bengali Perfect
18 Sagar Boy Bengali Sea, ocean
19 Sagardutt Boy Bengali Gift of ocean
20 Sagnik Boy Bengali One who wins the fire
21 Sahadar Boy Bengali Brother
22 Sahadev Boy Bengali Youngest of the panchpandava
23 Sahaj Boy Bengali Natural
24 Sahasranshu Boy Bengali The sun
25 Saheb Boy Bengali Master,lord
26 Saibal Boy Bengali An aquatic plant
27 Sailendra Boy Bengali Lord shiva
28 Sajal Boy Bengali Moist
29 Sajan Boy Bengali Beloved
30 Saji Boy Bengali With sree
31 Sajith Boy Bengali Lord ganesh
32 Sajiv Boy Bengali Lively
33 Sajiva Boy Bengali Full of life
34 Sajjan Boy Bengali Good man
35 Saju Boy Bengali Travelling
36 Sakaleshwar Boy Bengali Lord of everything
37 Saket Boy Bengali Lord krishna
38 Sakha Boy Bengali Veda, the religious book of hindus
39 Sakhya Boy Bengali Friendship
40 Sakthi Boy Bengali Power
41 Sakthivel Boy Bengali Means an powerful instrument which was given by goddess parvathi to her son.
42 Sakyasinha Boy Bengali Lord buddha
43 Salaj Boy Bengali Water which flows from melted ice from mountain
44 Samadhan Boy Bengali Satisfaction
45 Samar Boy Bengali War
46 Samardh Boy Bengali Powerful
47 Samarendra Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
48 Samarendu Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
49 Samaresh Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
50 Samarjeet Boy Bengali Winner of the battle
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