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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Aziza Girl Egyptian Precious
2 Chavi Girl Egyptian Female child
3 Chione Girl Egyptian Daughter of the nile
4 Femi Girl Egyptian Love
5 Isis Girl Egyptian Supreme goddess of the stars
6 Jamila Girl Egyptian Beautiful
7 Jamila Girl Egyptian Beautiful
8 Jendayi Girl Egyptian Thankful
9 Kamilah Girl Egyptian Perfection
10 Kanika Girl Egyptian Black
11 Lapis Girl Egyptian Lapis lazuli gemstone
12 Memphis Girl Egyptian Good place to live
13 Menefer Girl Egyptian Beautiful city
14 Monifa Girl Egyptian I am lucky
15 Myrrh Girl Egyptian Natural scent
16 Nailah Girl Egyptian Successful
17 Nakia Girl Egyptian Pure, faithful
18 Neith Girl Egyptian Divine mother
19 Nile Girl Egyptian From the river nile
20 Nubia Girl Egyptian From nubia
21 Sagira Girl Egyptian Little one
22 Sahirah Girl Egyptian Clean, pristine
23 Salama Girl Egyptian Peaceful
24 Sanura Girl Egyptian Kitten
25 Shani Girl Egyptian Marvelous
26 Tahirah Girl Egyptian Pure
27 Tale Girl Egyptian Green
28 Tauret Girl Egyptian Goddess of pregnant women
29 Theoris Girl Egyptian Great
30 Zalika Girl Egyptian Born into power
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