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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Paarth Boy Bengali Arjun
2 Paarthiban Boy Bengali Another name of king arjunan
3 Paavan Boy Bengali Purifier
4 Paawan Boy Bengali Pious
5 Pabitra Boy Bengali Clean,pure
6 Pablo Boy Spanish Borrowed
7 Pablo Boy Spanish Little. Form of Paul.
8 Pachai Boy Bengali Youthful, resourceful
9 Pachaimani Boy Bengali Youthful, resourceful
10 Pachim Boy Bengali West
11 Pacho Boy Spanish Free
12 Paco Boy Spanish From the name francisco
13 Paco Boy Spanish Free
14 Pacorro Boy Spanish Free
15 Padam Boy Indian-Hindu Lotus
16 Paddy Boy Celtic-Gaelic From the name patrick
17 Paddy Boy Irish Derives from patrick
18 Paden Boy Scottish Royal
19 Padgett Boy French Attendant
20 Padmabandhu Boy Bengali Friend of lotus ( bee , sun )
21 Padmabandhu Boy Indian-Hindu Friend Of Lotus ( Bee , Sun )
22 Padmadhar Boy Bengali One who holds a lotus
23 Padmadhar Boy Indian-Hindu One Who Holds A Lotus ( Lord Vishnu)
24 Padmaj Boy Indian-Hindu Lord brahama
25 Padmaj Boy Bengali Lord brahma
26 Padmakant Boy Bengali Husband of lotus ( sun)
27 Padmakant Boy Indian-Hindu Husband Of Lotus ( Sun)
28 Padmakar Boy Bengali Jewel, lord vishnu
29 Padmakar Boy Indian-Hindu Jewel, Lord Vishnu
30 Padmakeswar Boy Bengali Afilament of the lotus
31 Padmalochan Boy Bengali Lotus eyed
32 Padmalochan Boy Indian-Hindu Lotus Eyed
33 Padman Boy Bengali Lotus
34 Padmanaban Boy Bengali Padmanabhan comes from the hindu word which means, lotus navelled; a name of lord vishnu.
35 Padmanabh Boy Indian-Hindu One with lotus in his navel
36 Padmanabh Boy Bengali One with lotus in his navel i.e. vishnu
37 Padmanabha Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
38 Padmanabha Boy Indian-Hindu Lord Vishnu
39 Padmanabhan Boy Bengali Lotus navelled; a name of lord vishnu
40 Padmapalas Boy Bengali Alotus petal
41 Padmapani Boy Bengali Lord brahma
42 Padmapani Boy Indian-Hindu Lord Bramha
43 Padmapati Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
44 Padmaraj Boy Bengali Padma is lord venkateshwara\'s wife padma\'s raja is therefore lord venkateswara hence padma raj is another name for him.
45 Padmayani Boy Bengali Lord brahma, buddha
46 Padmayani Boy Indian-Hindu Lord brahama; buddha
47 Padmesh Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
48 Padmesh Boy Indian-Hindu Lord vishnu
49 Padminiballav Boy Bengali The sun
50 Padminikanta Boy Bengali The sun
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