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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Aderyn Girl Welsh Bird Book Aderyn.com
2 Aelwen Girl Welsh Fair brow Book Aelwen.com
3 Aerona Girl Welsh Berry Book Aerona.com
4 Anchoret Girl Welsh Loved Book Anchoret.com
5 Arawn Girl Welsh King of the otherworld Book Arawn.com
6 Arlais Girl Welsh From the temple Book Arlais.com
7 Arwen Girl Welsh Muse Book Arwen.com
8 Avon Girl Welsh The river Book Avon.com
9 Awen Girl Welsh A muse Book Awen.com
10 Awena Girl Welsh Seer Book Awena.com
11 Bethan Girl Welsh Consecrated to god Book Bethan.com
12 Betrys Girl Welsh From beatrice Book Betrys.com
13 Blodwyn Girl Welsh Flower Book Blodwyn.com
14 Braith Girl Welsh Freckled Book Braith.com
15 Briallen Girl Welsh Primrose Book Briallen.com
16 Bronwen Girl Welsh Dark, pure Book Bronwen.com
17 Bronwyn Girl Welsh Dark, pure Book Bronwyn.com
18 Cai Girl Welsh Rejoice Book Cai.com
19 Cambree Girl Welsh From wales Book Cambree.com
20 Caraf Girl Welsh Love Book Caraf.com
21 Caron Girl Welsh Loving, kind Book Caron.com
22 Carys Girl Welsh To love Book Carys.com
23 Catrin Girl Welsh Pure Book Catrin.com
24 Ceri Girl Welsh Love Book Ceri.com
25 Crwys Girl Welsh Cross Book Crwys.com
26 Dylan Girl Welsh Born from the ocean; son of the sea Book Dylan.com
27 Dyllis Girl Welsh Sincere Book Dyllis.com
28 Elwyn Girl Welsh Pale brow Book Elwyn.com
29 Emlyn Girl Welsh Flatterer Book Emlyn.com
30 Enid Girl Welsh Soul Book Enid.com
31 Gaenor Girl Welsh Smooth, light colored Book Gaenor.com
32 Gaerwn Girl Welsh White fort Book Gaerwn.com
33 Garan Girl Welsh Stork Book Garan.com
34 Gladys Girl Welsh Lame Book Gladys.com
35 Glain Girl Welsh Jewel Book Glain.com
36 Glyn Girl Welsh Valley Book Glyn.com
37 Guenevere Girl Welsh Fair one Book Guenevere.com
38 Guinevere Girl Welsh White wave. Book Guinevere.com
39 Gwen Girl Welsh A form of gwendolyn Book Gwen.com
40 Gwendolyn Girl Welsh Fair haired Book Gwendolyn.com
41 Gwenifer Girl Welsh White wave Book Gwenifer.com
42 Gwenllian Girl Welsh White-haired Book Gwenllian.com
43 Gwennan Girl Welsh Blessed Book Gwennan.com
44 Gwylan Girl Welsh Seagull Book Gwylan.com
45 Gwyn Girl Welsh White, fair Book Gwyn.com
46 Gwyneth Girl Welsh Fortunate, blessed Book Gwyneth.com
47 Hafwen Girl Welsh Summer's beauty Book Hafwen.com
48 Heulwen Girl Welsh Light from the sun Book Heulwen.com
49 Ilar Girl Welsh Cheerful Book Ilar.com
50 Iola Girl Welsh Violet-colored dawn Book Iola.com
Page 1 of 2, Showing 50 of 93 Records